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Top 50 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2024

Rapid advancement of technology in Africa has caused more change – since we have been utilizing on the power of technology for making changes and developments in our environment. Before, things were done the manual way – until technology came to our aid to help us make things easier and faster mode. For instance, someone… Read More »

Top Digital Skills To Learn And Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021

In our 21st century where many of our traditional skills and activities have almost gone into extinction, it is almost compulsory to upgrade to the digital skills world to keep up with the trends and improves one’s living. We will be talking about skills to learn to make money in our current reality. Technology has… Read More »

Nigeria Suspends Twitter After Company Deletes President Buhari’s Tweet

Micro-blogging site Twitter has been suspended indefinitely from operating in Nigeria, the government has announced. The website is popular with journalists, other media figures and civic groups – and was a key source of information during the #EndSARS protests. A statement from the Nigerian cited the “persistent use of the platform for activities that are capable of… Read More »