How To Use LinkedIn To Get Your Dream Job

By | June 26, 2020

Getting a perfect dream job can be nightmare sometimes, and that is why we’re here with How To Use LinkedIn To Get Your Dream Job using the power of the internet.

One of the worst burdens you can face in life is to sit at home for years after spending 4-6 years of studying tedious academic programs from the University.

You will have to be sweating from office to offices — submitting application letter to be employed but only to be told, “no job position available yet”. That’s when you wished there was any platform you could leverage on, to find jobs without moving under the hot sun during the day.

Thanks to the advancement of technology with the introduction of internet application software for making the works of man simpler and easier with the click of a button.

LinkedIn has been one of the innovations brought by the application of the internet, as a career building search engine online.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a professional online platform with varieties of users ranging from students, employees, employers, marketers, programmers, hackers, application developers, software engineers, database administrators, system administrators, network administrators, tutors etc.

If you are eager to use the internet to find jobs in Ghana, then LinkedIn can be the right place for you. The interesting part is that, Job advertisers and job seekers can meet on this platform.

There are many features you can access on LinkedIn once you are registered since the platform is designed for the purpose of connecting serious business personalities.

Many get confused by classifying LinkedIn as social networking site, but the platform differ from that.

How to use LinkedIn to get your dream job

These are some of the tricks to breaking your unemployment barrier with LinkedIn using the job-search settings.

Set up a professional profile

LinkedIn is meant for business purpose, and setting up your profile is much important there. Uploading a high quality photo of you in a professional look is the sure way to building your profile — that shows how ready you are for job. First impression counts and many employers prefer suit-wearing clients also.

Complete Your “Career Interests”

There’s a chance for you to get found and employed if you take your time to complete and update your career interests on LinkedIn. In your dashboard, fill the details of your career interests. There’s an option too like, “let recruiters know you are open” so turn it open.

Perform a “Search for Jobs”

You have to look for employers sometimes, since they will not come to you directly. LinkedIn has a search button you can use to perform your search for a desired dream job and apply in Ghana.

Turn On Job Alerts

Another feature on LinkedIn that will let you turn on a notification about jobs. You will then be fed with updates of recent job adverts on LinkedIn.

Seek Referrals

There’s an option for you to “Ask for Referral” to allow job seekers to message their connections about details of job openings in their companies. Statistics prove that this feature on LinkedIn is one of the great ways to increasing your chance of being recruited.

Communicate Formally and actively with Employers

Communication barrier can be one of the greatest way — someone can get you to work on a particular project for him/her. Always cross-check, edit and correct all errors before sending a message you want to send. Avoid using automatically drafted replies.

Wrapping Up

Despite job websites that are found in Ghana, such like; Jobberman, JobLemon, Jobmelon, Tonaton Jobs, LinkedIn can also be used to find jobs over the web in Ghana with your internet connection.

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