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Information, communications, and technology sector (the “tech sector”) is one of the fastest growing in Nigeria.

ICT Catalogue writes about made in Nigeria technology; covering more about Nigeria Information Technology, top IT Companies in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, Paystack, Globacom, 9Mobile, Airtel Nigeria, Google Nigeria, Ericsson Nigeria, Flutterwave, Andela,, ULesson, Opay, Jumia Nigeria and more.

The History Of Football In Nigeria

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How To Check MTN Data Balance In Nigeria

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Top Websites To Find Jobs in Nigeria 2024

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Top 50 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2024

Rapid advancement of technology in Africa has caused more change – since we have been utilizing on the power of technology for making changes and developments in our environment. Before, things were done the manual way – until technology came to our aid to help us make things easier and faster mode. For instance, someone… Read More »