Google Pixel 4 Specs And Price

By | October 17, 2019

Specs, Price And Everything You Need To Know About The Google Pixel 4.

After months of leaks and renders, the Google Pixel 4 will finally launched and this phone has become the heart of Google as it comes with AI-powered features the world has never seen before.

Starting in 2016, the Fall season has become one of the most exciting times in the Android space. Sure, Samsung, OnePlus, and other companies are usually down with their announcements at this point in the year, but come mid-October, that’s when Google gets to show off its latest and greatest flagships and that’s where the Pixel 4 comes in.

Maybe for today’s update about this smartphone, I won’t be talking much about this smartphone but since the smartphone itself has a lot more to talk about, then we can’t do away with the Face Unlock, 90Hz screen, mid-air gesture recognition and we have more for you.

According to Google, the Pixel 4 is a one kind smartphone that has the fastest face unlock feature in the world.

Aside that, the Google Pixel 4 is also the first smartphone that comes with a radar sensor. Maybe we will give you more insights on what that means in our next article on everything about the Google Pixel 4 updates.

With the Google Pixel 4, there’s nothing like the inbuilt motion sensors it comes with that let you swipe the air to change a song and such is interesting about this smartphone as you can also swipe to air to silence a call and also do perform other gestures. Really interesting and one reason to go for the Google Pixel 4 today.

Check More Features and Specifications of the Google Pixel 4 below:

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Google Pixel 4 Features Google Pixel 4 Specifications
Operating System Android 10
Display 5.7-inch Full HD+ OLED with 90Hz refresh rate
Performance CPU: Snapdragon 855 with Pixel Neural Core
Storage:  64GB/128GB  No microSD Slot
Camera Rear Camera: 12MP Dual Pixel wide and 16MP telephoto
Front Camera: 8MP
Battery 2800 mAh
Special Features Security: Face unlock; Titan M Security Module
Color Just Black, Clearly White, Oh So Orange

At the launch of the phone: This is the commercial video for you.

Price in Ghana

The Google Pixel 4 price in Ghana is selling for GHS 4,500 and it will be available before October 24th across mobile phone shops in Ghana.

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