How To Register As MTN Mobile Money Merchant In Ghana

By | December 25, 2022

I believe you want to become an MTN Mobile money merchant in Ghana, and also earn commission as MTN Money Money agent. Then this post contains the necessary steps you should follow to become MTN Mobile Money merchant today.

There has been varieties of explanations for Mobile Money, serving as a payment gateway on a cashless system.

The interesting part is how we can send money to our loved ones and they will also receive the money within some few minutes, how you can withdraw money conveniently or even withdraw money from your MTN Mobile money via ATM.

There has been highly demand for MoMo merchants — since everyday transactions are on the rise. Today, one can boast of being a businessman or with job for being MTN Mobile Money agent.

Today’s post is about how to register as MTN Mobile Money agent in Ghana — following the right steps from MTN Ghana.

Who Is Mobile Money Merchant?

Mobile Money merchants are authorized persons from the telecommunication networks, who are assigned to help MTN Mobile Money subscribers. Some of these are; Load your cash into wallet, withdraw cash out of wallet, check balance and more.

Requirements For MTN Mobile Money Merchant Registration

Ghanaians willing to register for MTN Mobile Money Merchant SIM and become MTN Mobile Money agent are required to provide some documents to meet the requirements for Mobile Money Merchant SIM registration. These requirements are;

  • A registered business
  • Identity Card (Voter’s ID, Ghana Card or Ghana Passport)
  • mobile phone for Mobile Money transaction
  • Physical business location

MTN Mobile Money Merchant Registration Steps

MTN Ghana has four ways you can follow to register for the MTN Mobile Money Merchant and these are given below.

Mobile Phone registration.

Unlike before, an applicant has to visit any nearby MTN Ghana office to be able to register as a Mobile Money merchant — but now, you can register on your mobile phone. You will send your details and application to MTN Ghana, and MTN will get back to you regarding your application. Here is how to register for MTN Mobile Money merchant on your mobile phone.

  • Dial the MTN Mobile Money agent code, *5051#
  • Select option 1 – Register
  • Choose your region
  • Follow the proceeding steps to complete the registration
  • After a successful registration, an SMS with a reference number will be sent to your phone.
  • If your application is accepted, an MTN agent will be dispatched to inspection your business location.
  • If you pass the inspection, you will be required to fill the business registration form.

MTN Ghana allows you to also fill the business form online, via the company’s website.

Filling The Business Detail Form For MTN MoMo Merchant SIM

If you want to become an MTN Mobile Money agent, then business registration is an essential requirement. You can contact us for further information about how to register your business in Ghana.

  1. Merchant Recruitment Form 
  2. Merchant Account Handler Form 
  3. Merchant Agreement 

You will have to provide some details for the MTN Mobile Money Merchant registration form such as; business owner’s details, business name, bank details, business location.

  • Business name
  • business registration number
  • Trade name
  • type of business
  • Ghana Post GPS Address
  • Business Address
  • Business owner full name, email, ID card and number, phone number, next of kin and source of income.
  • bank details

After successful filling of this form with your business details, you will now have to continue by filling the account handler form.

There can be a business owner — but will not be the same person to handle and operate the MTN Mobile Money Merchant SIM. With this, the person who will be handling the account has to use his or her details for the account handler form which has some details such as;

  • Residential Address
  • Identification card details
  • Marital Status
  • Employer/employee details
  • Mobile Money authentication questions

Agreement to Terms & Conditions

After a person is done with the processes involved in MTN Mobile Money Merchant registration, you are to review the terms and conditions that govern the MTN Mobile Money merchant business from MTN Ghana.

MTN Mobile Money Merchant SIM Application Approval Notice

As an MTN Mobile Money Merchant Applicant, you should notice the following points — whiles MTN Ghana processes your application.

  • MTN Mobile Money centre shall respond via email or phone to all applicants upon receipt of their application
  • Applications received shall be vetted to ensure they meet all requirements
  • False documents represented during the applications process is deemed to be a criminal offence and MTN Mobile Money reserved the right to reject applications that do not meet requirements
  • Processing of a successful application shall take a minimum or maximum of 23 working days from the date on which your application is received
  • Successful applicants shall be notified about the status of their application via email or phone call upon completion of service.

Getting Your MTN Mobile Money Merchant SIM

After you have met all the requirements, you will now receive your MTN Mobile Money merchant SIM to start your MTN Mobile Money business in Ghana.

You can also contact us to help get MTN Mobile Money Merchant SIM on your behalf.

MTN Mobile Money Merchant Commission Structure

All MTN Mobile Money merchants in Ghana, get commissions as benefits derived from MTN Mobile Money work. These MTN Mobile Money agents are rewarded commissions per every transaction being made. We can give you the structure of the commission below.

Any withdrawal between GHS 1 to GHS 50 attracts a charge of GHS 0.50 whiles withdrawal above GHS 50 gets a deduction fee of 1% of the money to be withdrawn.

MTN Ghana Contact For Mobile Money Merchant Registration

You can contact MTN Ghana on 100 or call 0244300000 for any help.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become MTN Mobile Money Merchant In Ghana 2020

How can I Start MTN Mobile Money Business In Ghana?

You will first of all have to register for your Merchant SIM card, have an initial amount as capital to start.

How much is required to become a MoMo merchant

For someone to become an MTN Mobile Money merchant in Ghana, the person must be holding a certain amount worth GHS 2,500 – GHS 4,000 — as a capital.

MTN Mobile Money Merchant Commission

Any withdrawal between GHS 1 to GHS 50 attracts a charge of GHS 0.50 whiles withdrawal above GHS 50 gets a deduction fee of 1% of the money to be withdrawn.

How profitable is MTN Mobile money in Ghana

The surge in mobile money usage shows the vital role telecom companies are playing to advance the central bank’s cashlite economy agenda, and also ensure that the push for more financial inclusion is brought into the hands of millions of Ghanaians.

How To Become An MTN Merchant In Ghana

If you want to become an MTN Mobile Money merchant in Ghana, you should have all the required details and documents to become an MTN Mobile Money agent in Ghana. Check the full guide above HERE.

This is the article guide for anyone who wishes to become an MTN Mobile Money agent or merchant and make money from MTN Mobile money business in Ghana.

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