10 Important Things You Can Do With MTN Mobile Money

By | August 4, 2022

Mobile Money services have facilitated the ways of saving mobile via mobile phone and these are the top 10 Important Things You Can Do With MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.

MTN Ghana celebrated its 10th year anniversary for the MTN Mobile Money service and a lot of Ghanaians were happy since the mobile network has helped most people — by making the sending and receiving money the easy way.

A lot of people are finding it easy to keep, send and receive money via their mobile phones today by the application and invention of the Mobile Money service in the era of Fintech in Ghana.

About MTN Mobile Money In Ghana

MTN Mobile Money is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone. The service is offered by MTN in partnership with a number of universal banks in Ghana. The service is regulated by the Bank of Ghana.

The MTN Mobile Money on its invention was only used for keeping our money on mobile phones, sending and receiving money in the thin air — that has eliminated the old-fashioned way of sending money through the lorry station.

As time goes on, a lot of improvements were now made in such that — MTN Mobile Money can be used for varieties of things we could never have dream of today. From purchasing shares, depositing into our bank accounts, paying workers on weekly or monthly basis are all some the things MTN Ghana has improved so far since the invention of the Mobile Money service in Ghana.

How Does MTN Mobile Money Work In Ghana?

There are numerous Ghanaians still doubting if the service of MTN Mobile Money is genuine and are asking how does it work in Ghana. With MTN Mobile Money, you can send money via your mobile phone — registered to MTN Mobile Money to a person who has also registered for MTN Mobile Money. The intended recipient must have an MTN Mobile Money account, which is an electronic account linked to their MTN mobile phone. You choose how much you want to send and pay online.

Top 10 Important Things You Can Do With MTN Mobile Money

This article is solely about some of the 10 important things you can do with MTN Mobile Money service in Ghana and these show how MTN Ghana has advanced so far with in their Mobile Money service.

  1. Check balance
  2. Transfer Money
  3. Deposit & Withdraw from your bank account
  4. Purchase Airtime & Data Bundles
  5. Pay Bills
  6. Buy MTN Shares
  7. Savings
  8. Loans
  9. Buy Treasure Bills
  10. Buy Insurance

With the list of the information above, we only have some of the 10 basic things you can do with your MTN Mobile Money account from the comfort of your room.

Maybe I left others you think it might be useful to anyone, kindly make good use of the comment box by share your own with us on 10 Important Things You Can Do With MTN Mobile Money and we’ll be glad to have it for discussion.

I shall provide you detailed information regarding how to perform these actions with your MTN Mobile Money account.

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