How To Check Your Phone Number On Any Network In Ghana

How To Check Your Phone Number On Any Network In Ghana

How to check your phone number On Any Network with short codes in Ghana.

How To Check Your Phone Number On Any Network In Ghana. Looking for a way to check your new sim card’s number on almost any mobile network in Ghana? Believe me, everyone has bought a sim card before without knowing how to check for his or her number and wish could have gotten this simple article as guide to check.

We have it all here, with these short codes well tested and given out to you to check your mobile phone number at ease.

There are varieties of network in Ghana but the ones I know right now operating under the National Communication Authority (NCA), are the ones I am going to list here with their short codes to check their phone numbers in Ghana.

Mobile Network Operators in Ghana.

Basically, the networks I know to be operating in Ghana currently are; MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, Glo Ghana, Tigo Ghana & Airtel. Even to this, there has been a link between two communication networks, Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana making it AirtelTigo of which Ghanaian networks are now few and I present to you their short codes to check their numbers.

How To Check Your Phone Number On Any Network In Ghana:

  • MTN Ghana: Dial *156# to check MTN mobile phone numbers.
  • VODAFONE Ghana: Dial *127# to check your Vodafone mobile number.
  • TIGO Ghana: Dial *841# to check your Tigo network mobile number.
  • AIRTEL Ghana: Dial *703# to check your Airtel mobile mobile number.
  • GLO Ghana: Dial free short code *1244# to check your Glo mobile number.

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To wrap up, how to check your phone number is the main reason why this article is published and you can also drop your requests based on what you need or may want us to write about should in case you don’t have any idea about such thing relating to your mobile network or smartphones.

Also, I might not know the kind of network you are using and would like to know if your network’s name is not listed here. I just wrote this piece of article based on the networks I know currently in Ghana under the National Communication Authority, so alerting us your network can help us come out which short codes related to your network.

These are the short codes on How To Check Your Phone Number On Any Network in Ghana. With this article, it contains everything about how to check MTN phone number, how to check Glo Ghana phone number, how to check your Vodafone number, how to check AirtelTigo phone number and how to check your phone number for you and we hope to bring you more updates to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what my number is?

It’s simple, this depends on the mobile network you’re using and using its short code above.

How can I check my MTN number?

MTN Ghana has a short USSD code for you to check your number, which is the *156# and follow the results.

How do I check my MTN number in Ghana?

It’s simply by dialing the code given above, that’s *156#, then select option 1 that says “Check My Number” and your phone number will be displayed for you.

How do I check my Glo number in Ghana?

Kindly dial *1244# to check your Glo phone number in Ghana.

How do I check what my phone number is?

Based on your mobile network, just check them with their USSD codes and check any phone number depending on your mobile network.

How do I know my MTN Ghana number?

It’s either you find it written on the pack you bought the SIM Card with or, dialing the USSD short code for your mobile operator to know your phone number.

code for checking what your number is

There are a lot of short codes for checking your phone number based on your mobile network you are using. Be it MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana, Glo Ghana — both of them are having their USSD codes provided above.

How do I check my MTN Nigeria number?

If you want to check your phone number on MTN Nigeria, you will have to dial the short code — *123# to get access to the main menu then follow the steps to see your phone number displayed.

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