How To Check And Print Your MTN Mobile Money Statement

By | February 10, 2021

Each and every Ghanaian is using Mobile Money now, and most of these Mobile Money subscribers in Ghana are MTN Mobile Money users today.

Currently, there are over 14.7 million mobile money users in Ghana and out of these numbers, MTN Ghana has a larger percentage of mobile money subscribers.

MTN Mobile Money can be confirmed as the Mobile money service that has taken over the fintech industry in Ghana – making it easier for people to send and receive money digitally, deposit money into and withdraw money from your local bank account without leaving your comfort room.

We sometimes send or receive money, without getting notification from MTN Ghana – that money has been sent or received. You might not know the exact amount of money that was in your mobile money account before to make deductions or additions to confirm whether money has been sent or received.

When it happens like this, the only option you can use is the MTN Mobile Money statement – that allows you to check the transaction history of money within your MTN Mobile Money wallet.

MTN Mobile Money statement helps you to check money sent, received or any recent transaction made with its corresponding dates attached.

MTN Ghana only give you summarized statement for your transaction history in your MTN Mobile Money wallet – but you can also check and print your Mini Statement in full.

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In this article, I will like to give you the full guide on how to check and print your MTN Mobile Money wallet Statement.

MTN Mobile Money In Ghana

MTN Mobile Money has been the largest and the oldest mobile money player in the market since it was launched in Ghana almost a decade ago. Customers can visit the nearest authorised MTN Merchant with a valid photo ID card, such as:

  • National ID card
  • Voter ID, Drivers’ License
  • Passport

With MTN Mobile Money, for example, the merchant captures your personal details and gives you an MTN Mobile Money SIM card. You then insert your Mobile Money SIM in your phone, and you will receive an SMS prompting you to register. You can also register for MTN Mobile Money online by just visiting the MTN mobile money website.

You can read our full guide about how to register for MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.

What Is MTN Mobile Money Statement?

MTN Mobile Money Statement is an electronic document or file that shows the transactions that has been made on your Mobile Money account. The information about your MTN Mobile Money statement entails; MTN Mobile Money withdrawals from your account, money sent and received, purchases from other third parties, buying airtime credits and bundles.

Now, MTN Mobile Money Statement can also be used as proof of your financial status when acquiring visa for travelling.

How To Check Your MTN Mobile Money Statement

  1. Dial MTN Mobile Money short code, *170#
  2. Choose the option 6 – My Wallet
  3. Select option 5 – Statements
  4. Choose either 1 or 2 for Statement Request or Mini Statement
  5. The Mini Statement allows you to see summary of your MTN Mobile Money statement on your phone, but we shall focus on how to get full report and that’s the need to go for the second option (Statement Request.)

How To Download & Print Your MTN Mobile Money Statement

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose option 6 – My Wallet
  3. Select option 5 – Statements
  4. Select option 1 – Statement Request
  5. Choose to subscribe to Monthly Statements with option 1
  6. Choose to request instant statement with option 2
  7. Enter your email address (MTN Ghana will send your statement to this email address)
  8. Re-enter your email address to confirm
  9. Enter the start date of request using the format (Day Month Year; 30 12 2020)
  10. Enter the end date of request using the format (Day Month Year; 01 01 2021)
  11. Now, authorize the payment of GHS 0.50 with your MTN Mobile Money PIN and press 1 to confirm.
  12. Confirmation message will be sent from MTN Ghana via SMS
  13. A PDF document will be sent to your via email with your MTN MoMo statement
  14. Download and Save unto your drive and print if from any nearby printing Press.

We are now done with how to check and print your MTN Mobile Money Statement – and we urge you to also share across the various social media channels.

All Questions Answered About MTN Mobile Money & MoMo Statement

Mobile Money Users According to 2020 Reports

According to a Summary of Economic and Financial Data published by the Bank of Ghana in March this year, there are now 14.7 million active mobile money accounts and 235,000 active agents.

Why is mobile money so popular in Ghana?

In just a few years, mobile money has become one of the most preferred payment methods for Ghanaians. According to a 2019 report by the World Bank, Ghana has become the fastest-growing mobile money market in Africa.
One of the main reasons why mobile money services are increasingly popular is their convenience. Mobile money subscribers enjoy the ease of having instant access to their money at any time and anywhere. So, there’s no need to join long queues at the bank to withdraw or deposit money.

Mobile Money in Ghana

Mobile money is a fast, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone. It’s estimated that 3 to 4 million Ghanaians are living abroad, many of whom regularly send money to their families back home via mobile money.

Check MTN Mobile Money Statement

Dial *170#; Select ‘6’ to enter your wallet; Select ‘5’ for statements; make request for either full statement or mini statement.

How to request for MTN mobile money statement

Basically, you will follow a similar step like the one above but after selecting option 5 (statements), you will have to select option 1 (Statement Request) on the next page.

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