Influence Of Technology On Social Interaction

By | August 17, 2020

Influence of technology on social interaction.

Technology has greatly impacted our livelihood as humans in all Spheres of life. From transportation to communication, to education, to health and business, Technology has played a major role over the years.

One aspect of life which has been mainly affected by Technology is our social interactions as humans. Technology has largely affected the way humans see and interact with each other over the years. In this article, we shall look at some of the influences technology has had on our social interactions.


The way people interact with each other in our various communities has changed significantly over the years.

Today, nobody has to travel for several hours or days to convey a piece of information to another person elsewhere. With the birth of various forms of communication such as Social Media, Emails, Mobile Phones and all other forms of telecommunication, communication has totally been transformed from a face-to-face interaction to a virtual interaction taking place over a network.

This has eventually affected the frequency of one-on-one meetings to a large extent. But in summary, technology has enhanced the frequency and timeliness of communication.

Business Transactions

In terms of Business Transactions, the world’s economic values and stands depend mostly on business transactions which take place every moment.

Technology has ingested so much into the economic sector of our lives over the past decades. Of all the technological innovations that have benefited the human race in terms of business transactions, the most vibrant ingestion into the sector has been made by the Internet.

Today, businesses have moved from the traditional bricks and mortar system to an online system which has significantly increased their reach and made them more vibrant and profitable.

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In the past, businesses relied on their immediate environment as their customer base since their voices could only reach those within that square. Even those who had the power to reach out to a wider audience through traditional advertising agencies had to pay so much and were still limited to some audience.

With the introduction of many technological innovations such as social media, Google’s search engine and advertisement as well as other platforms, businesses can now reach a wider audience and sell to as many people as possible. This is clearly established by the achievements of Amazon, Alibaba and the rest.

Community Organization

Bringing people together has always been a part of human live for many millenniums. At one point or the other, we come together in groups to fulfill certain objectives and goals for the betterment of the whole society or the benefit of the said sect or group.

In the medieval era, this was largely difficult since humans tend to be scattered around and reaching them all to come together proved a difficult task, only if not futile in totality.

Technology has tremendously increased community gatherings and organizations and made them more stressful and difficult. This is especially true with the advent of WhatsApp and its Groups feature, which was of course preceded by Facebook, its groups and pages.

Websites and Chatrooms have also played a major role in ensuring such community organizations over the years.


Technology has significantly impacted our lives from social interactions to business dealings through to health, agriculture and any other aspect of our lives.

While many people have over the years argued that technology has negatively impacted our lives, by citing issues such as health challenges, distrust, crime and many others as their backing points, it is only true that technology has largely impacted and improved our social interactions in many ways as seen in this article.

In conclusion, technology has greatly increased social interactions while decreasing time spent on travels and other auxiliaries.

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