Computer Science Vs. Information Technology – What’s The Difference?

By | August 17, 2020

Many people have been asking for Computer Science Vs. Information Technology and What’s The Difference in terms of pursuing a career in any of the fields.

Technology has become part of human life, as there’s no single day we can live without using a technological device in our life.

The world has largely been affected by the works of technology and computers. Over the past years, computers and technology, in general, have dominated the social and economic spaces of human existence.

Computer Science and Information Technology are two big terms associated with Technology in Ghana and the world over. All these big two terms are from the same mother term – Information and Communication Technology.

Though there are some similarities between these two terms, there are very huge differences which most people lose sight of and tend to use both terms interchangeably.

In this article, I will like to highlight you the major differences between Information Technology and Computer Science from this technology blog in Ghana.

Similarities between Computer Science and Information Technology

Whereas the focus of this article is on the difference between Computer Science and Information Technology, it’s only important that before moving on with the differences, we state the similarities which link these two together.

So, here are some of the major similarities between Computer Science and Information Communication.

  • They both focus on computers. Both Computer Science and Information Communication require the use of Computers and speak more about computers and how they can be used to help human existence.
  • Job opportunities available for both courses are very similar. Someone with an Information Technology (IT) certification can do the same job as someone with Computer Science certification.

Differences between Computer Science and Information Technology

As it has been indicated in the introductory paragraph of this article, most people tend to confuse Computer Science with the term Information Technology.

Truth be told, these two are very different though they are from the same mother – computers.

So, here, we shall try as much as possible to clarify the differences between Computer Science and Information Technology.

Computer Science is the study of how computers function and how to program them to perform basic functions and other complex functions. Computer Science deals with setting up the computer system for networks, software and system functionalities.

Information Technology, on the other hand, is the use of computer technology. It involves using computer software and networks to solve simple and complex daily problems such as data management, information processing, web management as well as business management software.

So, in essence, Computer Science deals with the creation of systems, networks and programs on the computer whereas Information Technology deals with the use of the systems, networks and programs created by computer science to solve daily human problems.


The computer evolution has largely been successful at solving human problems and making life way easier than it was some years back.

From the age of very big and heavy computers, we’ve gradually come to the age of mini computers where we have computers very tiny to the extent that they could be packed into handbags.

During this evolution, two key terms have been important in the process and making dreams realities. These two terms are ‘Computer Science’ and ‘Information Technology’. Despite their importance in the computer evolution process, they are two different things which have been mostly confused.

When choosing careers in the world of Information Technology, choose wisely, choose from careers that have long-lasting in Technology.

We have stated the various similarities between Computer Science and Information Technology and finally topped it up with the main difference between the two, in this article — as we urge you to share across this post Computer Science Vs. Information Technology – What’s The Difference?, the various social media platforms.

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