Introduction To ICT Catalogue As Tech Blog in Ghana

By | March 8, 2019

Introduction To ICT Catalogue As Tech Blog in Ghana.

Here’s An Introduction to ICT Catalogue as a technology blog in Ghana!
You are first of all welcome you to as a tech blog in Ghana. This is the post on the Introduction To ICT Catalogue As Tech Blog in Ghana.

I first of all, kindly wish each and everyone a happy day to this tech blog in Ghana as they struggle hard to achieve success at the end of the day. But please as you are working hard, then also learn to work smart because in the world of money making, people who work smart are those people making it a lot in the world of technology for making money. By the way, the above is just a simple, brief but good informative idea I just gave and I hope one day I would publish an article on that on ways of making it with technology and everything that is needed for you to gain success in the world of dotcomology.

In terms of technology, there are many ways to make from it and it depends on the field you choose and the sort of field you are expected in. Someone like a website developer is a person likely to be developing websites for clients just online and be making money from this as a passion and someone who is found to be a graphic designer is likely to be doing graphic designing jobs on the gig websites available online such as Fiverr, CediJob or 15Ghana as Freelancer etc.

For today, I’m going to introduce to you some brief about the passionate technology blog now functioning as a technology website in Ghana and beyond. I said this because this tech blog is going to be known worldwide and some of its popular countries would be Ghana, U.S, U.K, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Qatar, India and some that I cannot mention here for now due to time sake.

ICT Catalogue is the title of the website and the name of the guy behind is, Emmanuel Atigah, who is popularly as ATIGATE managing this tech blog in Ghana solely.

Introduction To ICT Catalogue As Tech Blog in Ghana is proudly a technology blog, people even say website but whatever, it’s a website with the vision and passion of reporting on all latest news on technology and bringing to you latest technology gadgets that you don’t know and have not heard before but it’s our priority as a technology addicted to bring to you as a viewer. With the aims of the Staff at ICT Catalogue, it’s the desire to be reporting to you on all technology trends covering;

  • Tech lifestyles
  • Technology apps: Software, hardware, gadgets and devices
  • I.C.T Reviews
  • Best I.C.T tips and tricks
  • Latest I.C.T job opportunities, I.C.T career and Exams
  • I.C.T news in Ghana and beyond Ghana.

Even though there can be other things to be fused into this technology journal making it somehow entertained by adding some sections like entertainment, business, fashion, lifestyles but the passion for technology is what makes Staffs at ICT Catalogue technology website proud to be proving you with all current and latest technology updates from the center of technology experts.

In Africa, technology is what we lack the passion for, showing no interest to it, but in terms of the western part of the world, technology is what is making them advanced in all they are doing.

This is because a child of 5 years old may start using a computer for playing computer games be it playing games online or offline, youth of 17 years old, may start learning how to get into a computer database, how to access computer files from another computer, how to access the details and file of banks and the rest but in Africa, a person of 25 years old is now learning the basics of computer from how to use a computer, introduction to desktop publishing and so on.

Haaha! That’s funny right?
This calls for the need to have passion for technology devices and gadgets and to know how to use it effectively and efficiently.

As I’m about to conclude with my statement, I may say technology is one of the tools for nation’s development so people need to partake in the use of technology and show interest in it by buying its components.
With the above information given, I hope it gives you brief information of as a technology website in Ghana functioning in all part of the world. This is all about ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana to visit for all your technology news in Ghana.

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