How To Stay Fit During Social Distancing

By | July 27, 2020

How to Stay Fit During Social Distancing.

Despite practicing social distancing to stay safe in the era of this global pandemic coronavirus, learning how you can stay fit is one kind best and effective ways for humanity.

In this article, I will walk you through how you can stay fit during the social distancing.


We cannot deny the importance of exercise in our daily routine. Not only it helps us to maintain our physical health but also affects our mental health positively.

The criticality of the daily exercise has increased than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us are limited to our homes that have eliminated the regular physical exercises we had during our daily routine activities. Gyms and fitness centers are closed due to social distancing precautionary measures. It is a challenge for everyone to stay fit during this period.

Paper Written prepared a few techniques that can help you add one or two exercises in your daily routine to remain fit while being at home with no facilities of a fitness center.

1. Check online resources for workout:

Think of a thing today that you cannot find on the internet. You will find almost everything available on the internet. The same is the case for workout, fitness strategies, and instructors. There are many free and paid membership workout resources available online.

Go through the internet, explore these resources and shortlist one or two that suits you based on your interests and requirements. Once the task of shortlisting is done, you need to dedicate specific time to your daily routine for a workout.

This is the best thing to start your journey towards fitness while being at home with no fitness equipment.

2. Download an App:

By the name of it, it looks like the same as checking the online resources for workout. It is not the same but a bit more than what is offered by online resources. Yes, the application is an online resource as well, but it differs from other resources.

By downloading an app on your mobile phone based on the exercise that suits you best, you just don’t have to schedule your exercise session as most of the app has a detailed action plan for a specific exercise that includes setting goals, tracking activity, and maintaining accountability.

Get an app and just start following the instruction for moving your body around to stay fit.

3. Bodyweight Exercises:

If you don’t want to use online resources, it doesn’t mean you cannot stay fit while being alone at home with no access to a fitness center. Bodyweight exercises are simple and keep your body fit with a little effort and no equipment at all. You can modify these exercises according to your fitness level as well.

Bodyweight exercises include push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, dumbbell rows, and bodyweight squats. You can do these exercises anywhere and at any time you want. These exercises are the best to burn some serious calories and boost your heart rate.

4. Get Creative with Equipment ideas:

The major issue that has affected everyone’s goal to stay fit is the availability of fitness equipment. Gyms and fitness centers are closed due to social distancing in the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the people have no fitness facilities at home thus making it quite difficult for people to continue the routine exercise.

As they say, there is a solution to every problem. You can try to be creative with your ideas to utilize resources available at hand. An example of it can be using a chair to work in triceps dips. A gallon of water can be used for weight workouts. You can order inexpensive equipment to keep things going as well.

5. Walk, Run or bike outside:

To have a morning walk, or biking in the fresh air outside is another exercise that can help you keep your body fit during this period of social distancing. If going outside alone is permitted in your states, make a habit of hitting the neighborhood pavement for at least thirty minutes a day and five days a week. How you want to spend those thirty minutes is your call by choosing all the three options of walking, running, biking, or only one of them.


It is not easy to stay fit and follow daily exercises during social distancing. But you can remain fit by setting small and achievable goals rather than doing nothing at all. All of the above methods to stay fit are simple and have almost zero cost involved.

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