How To Apply For Mobile Money Loans in Ghana 2021

By | March 28, 2021

Catch up on emergency: Get Mobile Money Loans in Ghana

An article guide on How To Apply For Emergency Mobile Loans in Ghana With Your Mobile Phone. I believe you are in need of some in emergency mood to complete a certain task then pay it later. That is purely why this article is there for you in showing you various ways you can get or apply for these short term quick loans through your mobile phone and pay later.

You Mean Borrowed Money And Pay later?

Yes, you heard me right! You have the chance and ability to apply for a quick loan and pay later all from the comfort of your home.

Things Not Needed Before You Apply For These Loans.

With these emergency loans, you do not have to provide anything like:

  • Collateral
  • Guarantor
  • Proof of residence
  • Nor next of kin

You can then apply for mobile money loans in Ghana all the way from the comfort of your room and get your loan in quick and instant time. To some of the loans, you can even get up to an amount of GHS1000 just using your mobile money account be it MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Cash, Vodafone Cash etc.

Things To Keep Note Before You Apply For Any Loan:

  • You’ll Pay Little Interest during repayment period
  • Read terms and conditions before applying for loan
  • Check the loan packages before applying
  • Ask for interest rates before applying

I believe you are done and set to move in knowing how best you can apply for an emergency loans for any situation in the comfort of your room. Then head over in reading to the end.

In my today’s article guide, I will like to walk you through How To Apply For Mobile Money Loans in Ghana 2021 easily.

List of Mobile Money Lending Services Available in Ghana.

  1. MTN QwikLoan
  2. Paylater
  3. Fido Money Lending

These are the Mobile money loans in Ghana and how to apply for them and get up to GHS 1,000 instantly — in your mobile money account.

1. MTN QwikLoan

The MTN Qwik Loan is one of the most used mobile money loan service I know so far in Ghana with over 90% of subscribers using it.

MTN in collaboration with afb Bank introduced Qwik Loan to the network’s subscribers.

Are you an active MTN mobile money user in need of some quick cash to solve an urgent need? QWIK LOAN is a short term cash loan disbursed and repaid with your MTN mobile money wallet. The loan is simple and easy to apply

  • It is accessible with no previous savings required.
  • Loan repayment term is 30 days
  • Minimum loan is GHS50 with maximum being GHS1000
  • Customers can have one loan at a time and can only apply for a new one after paying the existing loan.
  • No queues, no paperwork, no time wasted.

Check below for how to apply for MTN Qwikloan mobile money loan in Ghana and get paid into your MTN Mobile Money wallet.

How To Apply For MTN QwikLoan in Ghana

To apply for MTN Qwik Loan, it requires a user who normally do transaction with his or her sim card and has been using the sim card for long. Active use in MTN mobile money and airtime recharge is all that they require to grant you access for their Qwikloan offer.

  • Dial *170# for MTN Momo Menu
  • Follow the option 5 – Financial Services
  • Enter option 3 for Loans
  • Select option 1 – QwikLoan
  • Select option 1 again for Get a loan
  • Then enter your MoMo PIN number to confirm
  • Enter your desired amount from the range of amount given for the loan you want and wait for some minutes to receive amount.

After these procedure, you’ll receive a pop-up notification like this; You’ve successfully applied for MTN Qwik loan. Wait for confirmation and instant payment into your mobile money account. within some minutes, the money is going to reflect in your MoMo account.
Congrats! Now your loan is given.

2. Paylater (Carbon)

Just imagine with the use of smartphones and one has a benefit of using it to apply for loan in the convenient way, that’s how Paylater (Carbon) comes in. With Paylater (Carbon), you have the chance to apply for loan and pay later using an app.

Paylater (Carbon) is operating as a digital financial service into lending for consumers. Paylater (Carbon) is not all that much know to the Ghanaian publicity but only few people knew the app and its use. With Paylater (Carbon), it has branches in some countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Portugal and operating for over 6 years in West Africa making it one of the oldest mobile money loan provider.

Check below for how to apply for Paylater (Carbon) loan in Ghana and get your instant mobile money loan within some few minutes.

How To Apply For Paylater Loan in Ghana

  • Just download and install the Paylater (Carbon) app from Google’s Play Store
  • Register and fill in the necessary requirements
  • Your loan application will then go under review within some few minutes
  • Your Mobile Money account will now be credited based on the amount you applied for once your application is confirmed.

3. FIDO Loan

FIDO Loan, a financial institution that lends money into your Mobile money account through mobile phone app. Fido Loan gives you instant mobile money loans once your application is approved and no matter your location, you will be given this loan provided you meet the requirements.

The FIDO Money Lending as a financial institution is located in Dzorwolo, Accra.

Check below for how to apply for Fido Loan in Ghana and get your instant mobile money loan within 24 hours.

How To Apply For Fido Loan In Ghana

  • Firstly, download FIDO Money app from Google’s Play Store
  • Install the app on you mobile phone
  • Fill in your details. Voter’s I.D card is a must to be provided for this loan.
  • Enter the amount you wish – Minimum of GHS300 and above
  • Once your details are confirmed, you’ll get paid.

You are also free to check the full guide on how to apply for Fido Loan in Ghana and get your loan up to GHS 1,000 instantly. How To Apply For FIDO Loan And Get Up To GHS 1000

With FIDO Money Lending, you’re given up to a maximum of 30 days to repay your loan with an interest rate.

You can read more about Fido Loan terms and conditions here: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About FIDO Loan

This is how easier it is to apply for mobile money loans in Ghana. Now you know the various ways to get loan instantly with your mobile phone?

Then kindly help share this article across to all your friends who might be in need of this kind of mobile money loans..

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