How To Generate A Digital Address In Ghana With GhanaPostGPS

By | May 14, 2019

Technology has advanced and there is no need to go out of your room since you can Generate A Digital Address With Ghana Post GPS yourself at ease.

The GhanaPostGPS App is here to stay after it is now being used in all official applications by the Government of Ghana.

There are numerous people out there that are still thinking about how to use this GhanaPostGPS App to generate their digital address and with this post, it’s there to educate everyone on how to create your digital address.

How To Generate A Digital Address With Ghana Post GPS

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Before we begin the process and everything, let us take a look at these titles below.

GhanaPostGPS – What Is It?

GhanaPostGPS is known to be a global addressing system that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that best help to divide Ghana on a map into grids of 5 metres x 5 metres squares and assigns each one a special address.

There’s an application that is available allowing people living in Ghana to validate their home and business addresses in order to create national address registry for easy direction and identification purposes.

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In our today’s useful article guide, I would like to show you all the necessary steps you may need to know about how to generate a digital address in Ghana using the GhanaPostGPS.

How to generate your digital address – GhanaPostGPS App

You may get generate your digital address for your personal or business use might depend on and here are the simple steps to follow.

  1. Open Android Playstore or iOS and download GhanaPostGPS
  2. Launch the app (GhanaPostGPS), then accept the “Terms and Conditions” to continue.
  3. You can either register your phone number on the next screen, or click on “Skip Registration” when you want to use it just once.
  4. Click on “Accept” to the permissions that appear on the screen such as Location, Record Video etc.
  5. Now wait for information to load.
  6. You will be presented with a kind of new screen where you will see your Digital address once your location information has loaded, and this is the just like: GX-XXX-XXXX
  7. Finally, you’re done. Now it’s up to you to save or write them down to use for Ghana Card Registration or any.

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What to know when generating your digital address.

  • Turn on phone location
  • Then open GhanaPostGPS app
  • Your unique address is going to appear next to the Digital address like sample, Digital Address: GA-5430125
  • Be outside to have a correct digital address
  • It will be good to wait for 5 to 20 seconds to confirm and validate your address.
  • Make sure to enable all permission on your smartphone that are necessary for the app to run before generating your digital address.

This is just a summary of How To Generate A Digital Address In Ghana With GhanaPostGPS any time when required for form filling or related needs.

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