8 African Hardware Startups To Pitch At ASME iSHOW 2019

The ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) is a global competition that is focused on hardware-led ventures and deals with the social innovation that is within the design and engineering journey required to transport physical gadgets to the global market. ASME has the believe that, a focus on the users can give sustainable and scalable solutions.

ASME Innovation ShowcaseAt the ASME ISHOW that taking place on this 9th May 2019, will be hosted in several countries like, Bengaluru, Kenya, India and U.S as well. According to ASME, it will be only eight African startups that will be pitching at the regional finals in Kenya with a sum amounting to $30,000 including technical support and a ticket to the ISHOW Bootcamp in New York.

In the round up, there will be only three winners selected from each event to receive a share of cash prize from ASME ISHOW. Aside the cash prize, mentorship is going to be provided to these winners on bringing their inventions to the market, exposure to potential investors, partners and customers in New York also.

All these eight startups are going to pitch to the panel of judges – Gearbox’s Executive Director, in the person of Dr. kamau Gachigi, Villgro Kenya co-founder and CEO Dr. Robert Karanja, Kenyatta University professor – Dr. June Madete, Toyota Kenya product development engineer Tom Odoyo, and GlobalX Investments founder and CEO Sylvia Mukasa.

These eight startups that are going to be selected are; solar-powered cold storage solution developer, Solar Freeze; solar-powered electric vehicle manufacturer, Solar E Cycle; fertiliser producer Safi Organics, and in-transit cooling system manufacturer, Savanna Circuit Tech; Ugandan AI-powered diagnostics tool, breastIT; South African hearing diagnostics solution, hearX Group; and two solutions hailing from Kumasi, Ghana – multi-crop thresher producer SAYeTECH and grain moisture tester developer. Sesi Technologies

In summary, eight African hardware startups to pitch at ASME ISHOW 2019 and the startups will pitch at the regional finals for the sum of $30,000 including technical support and a ticket to the ISHOW Bootcamp in New York.

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