How To Charge Your Android Phone Faster In 2022

By | April 8, 2022

These are some of the interesting tips that will help you charge your android phone faster.

The use of mobile phones have become an essential part of human lives, that is why we can see people moving along and listening to songs, people can’t resist looking on the screen of their smartphones either — chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, tweets, or watching that favourite Instagram videos at public places.

Smartphone battery is very important to us in such that, your mobile phone can go off — when you run out of battery capacity.

That awkward moment when we see our battery percentage to be left with 15% — causing fear that we cannot continue that Instant Messaging chats such as WhatsApp and other social media chats when our mobile phone goes off.

ICT Catalogue has the complete guide on How To Charge Your Android Phone Faster In 2022.

How To Charge Your Android Phone FasterYour mobile phone tend to go on low battery if you didn’t charge it to full battery — since you’re in a hurry to get to your destination. You unplug it with the few it has charged to, which makes your battery goes low within some couple of minutes after turning on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

There’s always a situation to a particular problem as you can charge your mobile phone faster than you used to charge before.

How To Charge Your Android Phone Faster

These are some of the few mobile phone battery tips on how to charge your mobile phone faster, particularly Android phones.

Use the original charger

Android phones get low easily as we tend to use so many mobile apps on it during the day. These phones have the same micro USB port chargers and android phone users tend to use any charge they may find when their batteries run low.

Despite the fact that your Android phone can be charged by any android charger, it will be better still to use the original charger — for charging your mobile phone.

Turn it off

The basic method among all the preferred ways to charge your mobile phone battery. Make sure you’re not in need of your Android phone for something urgently — since you might miss some notifications and alerts.

The fear I used to have whenever I see my batter percentage to be 15% is what makes me turn my android phone off when charging it — so as it can charge as far as possible.

Avoid charging with your Computer or Laptop

Avoid plugging your android phone into a computer or laptop if you really want it to charge faster.

The voltage and amperage provided by the computer is considerably lower than in the case of using a normal charger so the mobile is using “slow charge mode” — to charge your battery which won’t charge faster as expected.

Use Power Banks

Power banks play a major role in our smartphone usage is very essential. Getting a good power bank from a quality brand is important to our battery health.

Your mobile phone can explode if you decide to use the wrong power bank with bad regulator.

Power banks have some authentic regulators built into them which automatically adjust to your phone’s preferred charging current. There are several brand out there that offer good power banks with automatic regulator for charging your mobile phone battery to last long.

Switch to Airplane Mode

It’s always recommended to enable an airplane mode to block all the internet connections, calls and SMS though, but it helps to charge your mobile phone faster. Just switch your mobile phone to airplane mode and it will charge faster.

Doing this alone is okay to help charge your phone faster than ever.

Reduce the usage of some features

Some other features on your android phone alone can drain your battery and cause slow charging as well. You can be charging your mobile phone but some features enabled will also be draining your battery as well.

I tend to leave my mobile data, Bluetooth, WiFi and others on which drain my android phone’s battery — and can’t charge fast.

These features when enabled consume power and reduce the charging speed of your mobile phone. The best option is to turn them off.

Sometimes, following smartphone battery maintenance tips is what can make the use of your android phone interesting.

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I believe these tips will work for you and you can also share what you have with us — using the comment box below.

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