Best Battery Maintenance Tips For Smartphone Users

By | January 16, 2020

Best Battery Maintenance Tips For Smartphone Users.

In terms of using our smartphones, batteries have become the most important parts we cannot do away with, even though some smartphone devices are inbuilt but they are still important just like the screen display of your smartphone.

Today’s post is to just brief you on some of the best battery maintenance tips to follow and keep your battery safe for your smartphone.

Best Battery Maintenance Tips For Smartphone Users

This post is not only about teaching you how to maintain the battery of your smartphone, but to also give you some tips you need to follow and make the most of them for your device.

Best Battery Maintenance Tips For Smartphone Users:

These are the tips listed below for you as a smartphone user today.

Don’t use your phone while charging:

It is very dangerous to be using your device while charging in such that, it damages the battery.

Do not use heated phones:

If your phone is heating up for whatever you’re doing, kindly leave it to cool down before using or charging. This is best to avoid explosion of your smartphone. You can read more here on the causes of smartphone explosion.

Do not use your battery till it drains completely before you charge.

Using your battery while it is draining do damages the battery life and you should know.

Always Charge your phone with the chargers it came along with:

The best way to maintain your battery life is to charge it with the chargers that was provided by the phone manufacturer only as they are best for the phone and measures how many voltage the phone needs to charge completely.

Avoid excessive charging:

You might not have the idea that excessive charging is bad for your battery but today on ICT Catalogue as Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal, I want to use this platform to inform you that, excessive charging is bad for your battery life. Always unplug as soon as the battery of your device is fully charged to stay safer.

Turn down the screen brightness.

A smartphone’s screen is the component that typically uses the most battery. Turning down the screen brightness will save energy. Using Auto brightness probably saves battery for most people by automatically reducing screen brightness when there’s less light, although it does involve more work for the light sensor.

The thing that would truly save the most battery in this area would be to manage it manually and fairly obsessively. That is , manually set it to the lowest visible level every time there’s a change in ambient lighting levels.

Both Android and iOS give you options to turn down overall screen brightness even if you’re also using auto-brightness and this can help your battery life.

I know you have been using your battery the wrong way as this post states what not to do and what you should do and it’s always best to avoid draining your phone battery all the way to 0% or charging it all the way to 100%.

You can drop your concerns regarding this tips for us to share ideas but first of all, kindly share this post across the various social media platforms for others too to be get these tips.

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