DHL Shipping Rates In Ghana 2022

By | April 8, 2022

DHL is known to be one of the commonly used courier services across the globe, working in Ghana and these are DHL Shipping Rates In Ghana so far. DHL has been noted to be the best courier company across the globe for sending and receiving parcels on time.

In my previous post, I provided you with the post on how to send and receive parcel from DHL in Ghana and you can read more about this below.

If you wish to send or receive parcel in the fastest way, then DHL is the best postal service you can go for – with paying small fee to reach early.

There’s no way you can send parcel using DHL in Ghana without paying for it. Same way applies to receiving parcel – as the sender has paid before sending to you.

This article will serve as a complete guide on the DHL Shipping Rates In Ghana with prices for 2022.

What Are The DHL Shipping Rates In Ghana?

Weight Of ItemPrice To Send Via DHL
11bGHS 164.50
51bGHS 329.29
101bGHS 427.96
201bGHS 1,664.53
301bGHS 1,985.11

How To Calculate Parcel Price With DHL

  • Go to DHL Quote Website
  • Choose item type; either parcel or Documents / Cargo
  • Click on ‘Get A Quote’
  • Choose the destination country and shipment country
  • An estimated shipping price for your parcel will be given

Kindly prepare and visit DHL office in Ghana and make payment for your parcel to be sent.

I believe you might be in need of contact details of DHL Ghana and these are provided below.

Contact Details of DHL Ghana

These are DHL Ghana contact details for anyone willing to contact them via phone or online.

Accra: 030 221 3090
Tema: 0556750812
Takoradi: 031 202 6258

DHL has been the messiah in the courier service industry with their best shipping services across the globe. You can check out any nearby DHL office in Ghana or search for DHL office near me — to send that parcel today.

This is the list of prices or DHL Shipping Rates In Ghana for you today — prepared from ICT Catalogue as a passionate Tech journal.

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