iCampusGH: Steps To Join Other SHS Students Across Ghana To Study Together

By | June 6, 2020

Steps To Join Other SHS Students Across Ghana To Study Together With iCampusgh.com.

Following digitization to make impact in Ghana, the government is performing its possible best to make Ghanaians leverage on the latest technology tools and gadgets to make work easier and simple everyday.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Ghana has caused the closure of schools, Churches and ban on all other social gatherings, the government has launched a good initiative for students to learn from the comfort of their homes.

Do you know you can learn from the comfort of your home to improve your grades? Get Ready for the experience !!!

With contribution towards combating the pandemic coronavirus outbreak in Ghana, the Ministry of Education has been finding the possible solution for students to stay at home at take their lessons online with iCampusGH.

iCampusgh is the innovation here we are talking about — as a web platform for students to learn right from home.

The iCampusgh is all about online study platform for Senior High School students and Junior High School students to learn all the syllabus.

With this platform, iCampusGH, it gives students the opportunity to access all core subjects and selected electives, access to video lessons and lesson notes, access to virtual labs and simulations (in some instances) and access to online Test after every lesson.

Now, let’s get to know how to access the online studying portal, iCampus GH in Ghana.




Since the Ministry of Education begun the online classes for all Senior High School (SHS) students and junior High School (JHS) students in Ghana, which is icampus gh, students can now get a preferred data bundle at budgeted cost to study online and also access and answer more quiz questions via the internet.

How to study online with iCampusgh

For anything how to learn or study online with the iCampusgh, we have it listed and explained further for you — below.

  • Create an account on iCampusGH
  • Access the platform with your Login credentials
  • Change your password

As part of Evolution Of Telecommunication Services In Ghana, telecommunication companies are also doing their possible best to make learning easy and comfortable for students with the release of suitable internet packages for students in Ghana, and some from these mobile networks in Ghana are; Free E-Learning: Online Learning Platforms Now Free On Vodafone, Surfline Partners eCampus To Offer Free Online Learning Platform, MTN free internet on e-learning platforms in Ghana and more internet bundle packages from MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana, Surfline Ghana etc.

This innovation helps students to learn with the power of the internet. Now check below for detailed of what the iCampusgh is all about.

How to access the online study Platform For SHS Students In Ghana


  • Visit icampusgh.com
  • Enter your BECE index number as your username. Note. For SHS 3 students, add 17 to the index number E.g. 309074025 then 17 to read 30907402517
  • Enter ghana@12345 as your default password and click on log in.
  • You will be required to change the default password before you can continue using the platform.
  • Click on View all courses to see the subjects available. Click on any of the courses available and enroll.

To change your icampusgh account password

  • On the login, interface enter your BECE index number as username and ghana@12345 as the default password.
  • Click on the login button
  • Create a new password by

— Entering the default password in the current password field

— Type your new password in the new password field.
— Repeat your new password in the new password field (again)

  • Click on the Save changes button.

Benefits of the platform

  • Access to all core subjects and selected electives.
  • Access to video lessons and lessons notes.
  • Access to virtual labs and simulations (in some instances)
  • Access to online Test after every lesson.

In summary, the Ministry of Education entreats all students to regularly visit the study platform, icampusgh to take more lessons in other to improve academically during the stay at home.

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iCampusGH, the most comprehensive online resource for SHS students.

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