3 Hidden Features To Enjoy On WhatsApp

3 Hidden Features To Enjoy On WhatsApp.

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Taking a look at some of the useful features the popular Instant Messaging App, WhatsApp has, the platform has a lot of features of which are not yet discovered — but we found these 3 useful features we want to update you on.

3 Hidden Features To Enjoy On WhatsApp.

  • Send Higher Quality Photos

We tend to send photos always through the “Gallery” option, but that compresses them so that they occupy less amount of space. But with this, the only best way you can send high quality photos to get its maximum quality is by — sending them through Document.

  • Pin Your Chats

Chats in WhatsApp are sorted by last received message, but there is a way to set a chat so that it always appears among the first ones.

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To pin a chat, go to the main WhatsApp window and keep your finger pressed on it. Then tap on the thumbtack to pin it. Want to unpin one?

Repeat the process. You can pin up to three chats at a time.

  • Mark messages as favourites

Sometimes, we would like to look up to that funny messages or useful information that our friends sent to us via WhatsApp.

You can save them in a separate notebook or, better yet, favorite them. 

To do this, touch the message you want to highlight then touch the star icon.

Favorite messages are saved in the corresponding chat under the general information of the group. Search for “Featured Messages” and you’ll find them there.


We hope that one of these WhatsApp features will be useful as we give you these 3 Hidden Features To Enjoy On WhatsApp.

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