How Technology Has Increased Social Gaps In Education

By | October 20, 2020

How Technology Has Increased Social Gaps In Education. Simple and educative article on how technology has helped by increasing the social gaps in our education system and a recommended article by staffs at ICT Catalogue.

Technology has become part of our everyday life and there’s no way we can live in a single day without technology. With this, the application of Science and Technology has helped to make the life of mankind easier and simple. Machines that are made are all from the ideas gotten from the application of Science and Technology, access to the internet, various websites and social media sites are all what we can mention not to forget about.

Technology was invented by humans to bridge the communication gaps but not to forget that aside this as the primary aim of inventing technology, it was also meant to help spread through many other areas of human endeavor which is including education. This development has not taken successful effect yet in stitching the social gaps in education but rather the differences that seem to increase as more technology products are invented each and everyday.

Education always turn around the cycle of inequality and social class. With this, the rich parents always send their children to schools that are with amplified facilities having teachers with updates knowledge, children of the poor on the other side too, are sent to the public schools. Before this, public schools were about the best schools with some of the latest facilities and things has now changed not to also talk about the unspeakable gap that technology has filled.

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The discrimination we are talking about would have been fair enough if it stopped at schools but no; it spreads uncontrollably into the society like virus. In fact between schools and the society, we can hardly say which is influencing which. To avoid many doubts, here are some of the ways technology has inspired social-gaps in education.

It has modified discrimination

Discrimination often presents itself in several ways, racial, gender, age and economic but in an academic setting, the discrimination takes advantage of school ownership. From the way we have it today, private schools are the birthright of the rich and powerful who could afford to pay the big bills. If by chance you see a child from a poor background it must be through sponsorship or scholarship. It is in this platform that you meet children choosing playmates or clicks that are of same social status.

Students and kids alike bring along their tech gadgets for use in school; if you do not have it, you are to find your levels. The most intimidating of all is when students tend to keep trends with latest the gadgets and buy them as soon as it’s out for sale.

The Knowledge Gap

You cannot possibly equate the IQ of a child who is exposed to several methods of learning to one that is only familiar with normal class room sermons. The introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality into education has totally enhanced how pupils and students gain learning experiences and even the method of learning but the experience is totally different in a local schools, low financed schools and of course public schools.


In terms of affordability, it is known to be one of the only thing standing between knowledge gap. If you can afford tech enhanced education, you have, if you can not you go for less. In the early days of education, admission was based more on advantages than any other factor but as of now, money is the first on the list if you need quality education.

Online Education

Online education provides as far as ICT is concerned, is a valuable opportunity to bridge this skills gap, helping workers gain the skills required to pursue entry-level jobs in growing fields like technology, business, healthcare, and data science. Sometimes, workers who can effectively up-skill will be in a competitive position to obtain better paying jobs that employers have a hard time filling.


In summary, implementing technologies in our classrooms are one of the merits students can use to learn and develop the passion for the use of technology gadgets in their everyday life. IT Companies in UAE

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