Bruhm TV Prices In Ghana

Bruhm TV Prices in Ghana

When we talk about television sets and their quality, we cannot mention names leaving behind Bruhm Televisions.

These products are found in the homes of many Ghanaians due to their better working experience.

Their prices are also considered as a very competitive one in the market as well, buying a Bruhm television in Ghana may not cost much and their aim is to beautify the rooms of their customers as they provide better services for both the rich and the poor.

There are many electronic shops that offer TV for sale, Bruhm TV with its specs and Prices for average Ghanaian comes in a cheaper price.

Each and every Bruhm television price in Ghana is determined by it quantity,


Buying  the Bruhm 32 LED Smart TV (Btf32SS) in Ghana may cost exactly GHC1000

The Bruhm 43” FULL HD Smart LED TV (BTF-43SN) also goes for a cool GHC2,200

One of the best Television sets in the system so far which is the Bruhm 65” Smart UHD 4K satellite TV LED BTF-65ss also goes for a price that ranges from GHC4000 to GHC5000

Talking about the 55” LED-UHD SMART os (Btf-55SW) Bruhm television, it also cost GHC3700

Lastly, the best Television set made by the Bruhm company  which is the 75” Led Btf-75SW-UHD Smart os is also sold at the prices between GHC7000 and GHC7500

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