Hisense Laptop Prices

Hisense Laptop Prices

Hisense may not have the best laptops in Ghana or in the system so far but their maiden computer laptops which were introduced not long ago may be counted as one of the best due to their better features and good accessories.

Their products have a very good price in Ghana so as the Laptops as well.

The Hisense Chromebook B01KOPSLLK is a Chrome OS laptop. It is powered by an APU Quad-Core processor and it comes with 2GB of RAM. The Hisense Chromebook B01KOPSLLK packs 16GB of SSD storage, it has an 11.60inch display size, it also weighs 1.61kg, the Hisense Chromebook B01KOPSLLK is sold at GHC2,400 in Ghana.

Hisense also has a Laptop identified as Hisense 550302205 which has an 11.6inches viewable display, the HDD is 16GB whiles the RAM is also just 1GB. The Hisense 550302205 is also sold at prices between GHC1000 and GHC1500.

Hisense Laptop Computer Reviews
Hisense Laptop Prices

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