How To Register For Ghana Card Online

By | May 15, 2019

Registering for the Ghana Card Online is now an easier thing to do and you can do this within a few clicks.

Ghana Card: Here Are the simple online registration steps to get your card instantly at the NIA Office. 

The Ghana card as announced by the National Identification Card, that mass registration will begin April 2019, has now enhanced in terms of registration by going online making eligible Ghanaians to register for this card via the internet.

The Ghana Card which would be issued to every Ghanaian in the country and Ghanaians abroad including qualified foreigners living in Ghana, is to provide a complete value added integrated multi-sectoral and multipurpose National Identity System through the innovative use and application of information and communication technology to facilitate the social, economic and political development of Ghana.

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There’s another chance from the National Identification Authority for Ghanaians to register for the new Ghana Card through an online portal from the comfort of their homes via their computer or smartphones.

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Let’s first know some brief information about this Ghana Card before proceeding to the registration process;

What Is The Ghana Card?

The Ghana Card by the National Identification Authority will become a secure and a multi-purpose card that is going establish the biometric identity of the actual holder for verification and authentication of electronic and physical transactions to be conducted in the public and private services space.

 How Was The Previous Process Before Online application process?

To talk about how the Ghana Card Application was done before the introduction of the online portal application, one has to go for the card at various centres where the mass registrations are taking place to start the application process.

Due to the stressful moments involved by joining a long queue causing some people to sleep at the various registration centres and cards too supposed to be issued instantly, was the main reason that led to the introduction of the online portal for Ghanaians to apply from the comfort of their homes. Taking a look at the registration centres with the numerous people available, centres could only register a number of 60 to 90 Ghanaians daily which is going to cause delay in the registration process for each centre.

One needs to wait for a lot of days before their cards are issued and even when the day of the collection came, there was another postponement of the time. This has caused unhappy moment to a lot of Ghanaians about the mass registration procedure.

Is it possible to apply for the Ghana Card through mass registration too?

It is allowed to apply for the Ghana card at the Mass Registration centres since the registration is ongoing in parts of Greater Accra Region and will be available in other regions soon or nationwide. With this, you can keep track to know which region the Mass Registration going to take place after Greater Accra by following their homepage to check.

What Are The Requirements For Ghana Card Online?

How To Apply For The Ghana Card via Online

First of all, visit the registration portal through:

Ghana Card Online Registration

As a first time user for on this web portal, you have to register for new account by filling the given forms including your phone number. Now verify with your phone number after receiving the SMS confirmation with the secret code. Then enter this confirmation code to continue to your Ghana Card online application dashboard.

Then click on “Start New Application” from your dashboard to begin your information submission process.

Ghana Card Online Registration

Then enter your full name containing your Surname and First Name on the next screen. You may enter a full stop in the username field if you’re a foreigner with no username.

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Next is to provide answers to the questions relating to your nationality and citizenship.

After filling the forms, you will then be taken to a page to confirm and accept the terms and conditions and say “YES” at the declaration page to the following:

I understand that if any information that I have provided for this application is false or incorrect, I will be liable to prosecution in accordance with Section 40 of the National Identity Register 2008 Act 750 as well as any other law or regulation which may be in force at the time.

I understand that all the information and documents that I have provided in respect of this application are handled and stored by the NIA and I have the right to have them updated should they change.

I declare that all the information contained in this application has been read, interpreted and explained to me in a language I understand and I perfectly understood and approved same before my hand was guided to make my mark.

After that, you will get the option to download the completed form. You will also receive an email with a link to the completed application form. In your application history page, click the ‘Download Application Form’ button to download your application for print.

Once you have printed the form, kindly go to any National Identification Authority (NIA) registration centre with the printed copy of your application form to apply for your FREE Ghana Card. Don’t forget to send all mandatory documents with you to the NIA registration centre.

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How long will it take to get your Ghana Card?

Your Ghana card can be taken at any NIA registration centre instantly once you have downloaded the form.

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