How To Make Money Online As A Student In Ghana

How To Make Money Online As A Student In Ghana.

A lot of students in Ghana are looking for extra ways to earn some money online without involving themselves in illegal activities.

The truth is, it is not that easy to make money online because there are lots of fraudulent activities in the internet

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Before you ever think of shifting your attention to making money online, you must have done a lot of research
about the online opportunity that you are about to venture in. There are lots of scams who are going to take advantage of your money if you don’t take care. Below are some of the legit ways on making money online.

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Freelance Writing

As a student, you have familiarize yourself with the different writing styles. You can use this skill to make some
money online. There are lots of companies that offer academic assignments to freelance writers.
The more assignments you are able to fulfill, the higher your earnings. These companies allow you to transfer your money straight into your bank account.

Online Writing reviews

It is one of the fastest ways to make money online. All you need to do is write reviews for products and services and you get paid for doing that.. First of all, you must register with a renowned review website and after that, you will be given the names of certain products to write about. You review the products by writing the advantages and disadvantages of the product or service. You then recommend the product to other customers.

Internet Marketing

This topic is very broad. It involves selling of goods and service like the usual only that, this one is online. Thanks to certain sites like and will allow you to host your music, videos and e- books and when people purchase them,you are paid whiles they take smaller percentage. You can upgrade to the pro version to cut away the charges as well.

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Social Media managing

You can also make money online by creating social media pages and manage them for companies and other people. It will be much easier if you are good in creating engaging content. Even if you are not able to secure a job, you can join sites like and and they will provide you with ads on your social media handles.

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Translation and Language Interpreting Jobs online

You can also make money by interpreting articles from one language to another. Apps that translate are not usually accurate so take that out of your mind. You have to be considerably good in at least two languages to give your clients an error free output.

Listing Hostels Online

If you are a Ghanaian student or stay nearer to a Ghanaian hostel, then there is a bright idea for you. You can take photos of the student hostels and lodges around you and make money from that.You could be making closely to GH¢10,000 a month.

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I believe you are a student or an internet lover who is searching for online student jobs or anything related to how to make money online as a student, this is the ideal businesses online I can recommend for you to make money online and get paid into your mobile money account in Ghana.

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