Vodafone Ghana Promotions: Made For Me, Special Data, Bossu Weekend, 2 Moorch, Double Ntosuo, Baako Pe

By | June 5, 2020

Vodafone Ghana Promotions: Made For Me, Special Data, Bossu Weekend, 2 Moorch, Double Ntosuo, Baako Pe.

There might a lot of Vodafone Ghana promotions out there, but the ones we can recommend as useful for every Vodafone user are; Vodafone Made 4 Me offer, Bossu Weekend, 2 Moorch, Double Ntosuo, Baako Pe, Special Data.

I believe you want to browse for free on Vodafone Ghana, or want to browse to the extend that, you will accomplish your internet tasks for the day — with the current amount of internet bundle you have and such is why getting a cheaper Vodafone internet bundle package or offer will be the best option for you.

I was just like you — always finding which internet subscription will favour my internet activities; e-learning, Youtube videos, Website development, programming, browsing Facebook, chatting friends on WhatsApp on the interesting Dark mode feature enabled. As part of the Vodafone Ghana Promotions, subscribers has exciting bundle offers to enjoy.

Vodafone in Ghana is one of the latest additions to Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company. Vodafone Ghana offers a lot of services, including voice and data bundles. These are all the Vodafone Ghana promotion shortcodes for their internet bundle subscription in Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana PromotionsCheck out these Vodafone Ghana Promotions: Made For Me, Special Data, Bossu Weekend, 2 Moorch, Double Ntosuo, Baako Pe, Vodafone Xtreme (Vodafone X).

How to Buy Vodafone Internet Data Bundle

For an exciting Vodafone data bundle packages, then Vodafone has more for you to subscribe for. Just dial the short code *700# on your mobile phone and choose your preferred package. Buying Vodafone data bundle is always cheaper than to use your credit balance.

How to unsubscribe to Vodafone Internet Bundle

With much improvement from telcos in Ghana, Vodafone Ghana now gives its customers the option to choose where their internet data will be deducted; either Data bundle or airtime. This can be done by dialing the Vodafone bundle subscription code: *700#, then select PAYG Browsing and choose the option 2. This keeps your Vodafone airtime safe — as Vodafone Ghana will not deduct it whenever your bundle finishes.

Vodafone 2 Moorch Data

The Vodafone 2 Moorch Data is an ablazing internet data a Vodafone user can subscribe to — and enjoy the awesome internet packages.

Vodafone Ghana gives its prepaid customers from 1.5GB daily + 1.5GB for night (12am-4am) as bonus at GHS 10 with 15 days validity period, then 4GB daily + 4GB for night (12am-4am) at GHS 20 for a month, 10GB daily + 10GB night (12am-4am) for GHS 50 for a month.

The Vodafone 2 Moorch Night bundle starts from 12am and ends at 4am when browsing.

How to subscribe to Vodafone 2 Moorch Data offer

  • Dial *700#
  • Select option: Buy data
  • Choose option 1: 2 Moorch
  • Select the package you prefer
  • Pay with Airtime or Vodafone Cash
  • Confirm to get your bundle package.

Now let’s get to know the other Vodafone Ghana internet offers that follow below.

Vodafone Baako Pe

Just like the MTN Free After 1 offer, Vodafone Ghana has brought a new talk time promo known as Vodafone Baako Pe. This offer allows Vodafone customers to talk for several minutes and only pay for the first minute. Vodafone Baako Pe promo.

Unlike other Vodafone Ghana offers, this offer is not for Vodafone number only, but allows you to call all networks.

How to subscribe to Vodafone Baako Pe

  • Dial *135#
  • Select option 1: Activate Baako Pe
  • Press 1 to confirm or 2 to go back.

Vodafone Made 4 Me offer

As best special daily offer for Vodafone prepaid customers, the Vodafone Made4Me offer can get you interesting internet bundle you can enjoy when browsing.

The Vodafone Made for me offer has varieties of internet bundle packages from; 1GB for 2 days, 2GB for 3 days, 5GB for 5 days and many more exciting offers.

How to subscribe to Vodafone Made 4 Me

  • Dial *5881# or *530#
  • Select your preferred bundle pack
  • Choose 1 to confirm

You’re now done with subscribing for Vodafone Made 4 Me offer — to enjoy free browsing on Vodafone (Unlimited).

Vodafone BOSSU Daily, Data and Weekend Offers

For weekend internet browsing lovers on Vodafone, the best offer to choose is the Vodafone BOSSU internet package.

The Vodafone BOSSU offer gives you 300 mins of airtime to call all networks and 5GB of data to browse during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for just GHS 5.40.

How to subscribe to Vodafone BOSSU Weekend offer

  • Dial *5588#
  • Choose option 3: BOSSU Weekend
  • Press 1 to confirm and buy the bundle

Vodafone Special (Vodafone Cash)

The package you can get when registered on Vodafone Cash. The special data bundles.

For GHc 1.60, you get 500MB of data which is valid for 1 day, Ghc 2.15 for 550MB and GHc 3.25 for 1.5GB data valid for 1 day.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Special (Vodafone Cash)

  • Dial Vodafone Cash short code, *700#
  • Choose Buy Airtime or Data
  • Select Special Offers
  • Confirm to enjoy the special offers.

You can read on how to register for Vodafone Cash to enjoy the Vodafone Cash.

Vodafone 2 Cedis Offer

This offer from Vodafone Ghana gives you 400 minutes worth airtime to call your Vodafone numbers, 30 minutes airtime to call other networks as well, 100MB data andd 20 SMSes to Vodafone numbers for 3 days at only GHS 2.

How to Subscribe to Vodafone 2 Cedis Offer

  • Dial 5544
  • You’ll be charged GHS 2 to subscribe to this offer
  • Have amount of GHS 2 airtime balance for renewal after 3 days.

That’s how simple it is to subscribe to Vodafone 2 Cedis offer from Vodafone Ghana.

Vodafone Unlimited Calls (Vodafone Deewa)

For anything how to make free calls on Vodafone, then this offer (Vodafone Deewa) is the best for you. All prepaid customers on Vodafone Ghana can now talk for FREE to all Vodafone numbers for only GHS 0.5p.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Unlimited Calls (Vodafone Deewa)

  • Dial *5050#
  • Select option 1: Buy Vodafone Deewa
  • Press 1 to confirm to buy bundle

Vodafone Data Binge

This offer may come in a bundle of Ghc 10.00 for 1200 mins to all Vodafone numbers, 200 mins to MTN Ghana, AirtelTigo and Glo number, and 500 MB of data to browse. Vodafone gives you 20GB at GHS 65.00 for 30 days. Though Vodafone Data Bingle bundles do change.

How To Subscribe to Vodafone Data Binge

  • Dial *5000#
  • Choose option 1: Unlimited Vodafone Calls for 30days.
  • Confirm to subscribe

Vodafone Xtreme (Vodafone X)

Vodafone Xtreme (Vodafone X) internet bundle offer is very interesting as — it’s available for all prepaid mobile subscribers.

The Vodafone X has more offers for prepaid Vodafone Ghana users; Icon offer, Daily offers, X Social offers, Weekly offers, X monthly bundles, Night offer as well.

How To Subscribe to Vodafone Xtreme (Vodafone X)

  • Dial *5888#
  • Choose your preferred internet bundle offer
  • Make sure to have enough balance equivalent to the package you select
  • Confirm your subscription

You also enjoy free calls to other Vodafone X subscribers which also comes with other social media offers.

Vodafone Double Ntosuo

Enjoy Double Ntosuo on Red bundles of GHS 1, GHS 2 and GHS 5.

Vodafone Ghana prepaid customers have will enjoy double talk minutes to call all networks and double data to browse.

How to subscribe to Vodafone Double Ntosuo

  • Dial *200#
  • Choose option 1: Red bundles
  • Select the amount with its validity to subscribe to
  • Press 1 to confirm — after selecting your choice of offer.

Vodafone Magic Bonus Offer

This Vodafone package allows Vodafone prepaid customers to get up to 100 times bonus on all top ups worth GHS 2 and above. Just like the Vodafone Ekikimi, you can recharge and subscribe for this offer and share your recharge code with your friends for them to enjoy this bonus.

How to subscribe to Vodafone Magic Bonus Offer

  • Dial *561# to subscribe
  • Share *561*YourRechargeCode#
  • Now share this code for friends to also recharge and enjoy bonus.

Vodafone Information Service

Welcome to Vodafone Information Service. This service portal gives prepaid Vodafone Ghana customer the option to check for; Freedom, Data, mobile Services, Fixed Services, Enterprise, Vodafone Cash, Mini Statement as well.

How to access the Vodafone Information Service

  • Dial *151#
  • Choose your preferred service from Vodafone Information Service
  • Confirm with options.

Vodafone Customer Care Line

It’s very important to always get in touch with your mobile network operator via their customer care lines. You can reach Vodafone Ghana customer care on 100 — for any further enquiries.

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