Pepapa: A Ghanaian Marketplace Online To Buy & Sell

By | July 16, 2022

Pepapa as a Ghanaian Marketplace Online To Buy & Sell is here to help you make sales and purchases easily online in Ghana.

Just imagine without the era of technology and its implementation into commerce, how can mankind sell and buy things the convenient way?

The use of technology and its tools in commerce has brought to us electronic commerce (e-commerce) for us to be able to buy and sell things online easily.

To this, classified websites are no exceptional in such that, we classify our items and stuffs to sell on these websites and one of such we are about to talk today is the Ghanaian Online Marketplace, Pepapa.

An online marketplace for Ghanaian to sell and buy in the convenient way with the help of internet access. is the website to talk of as a marketplace recommended for Ghanaians to buy & Sell items….

With simple and easy navigation layouts, Pepapa has a user friendly homepage that makes it easy to use the website either for buying or selling without any difficulties.

On – Sell & Buy Online in Ghana, despite the simple and easy to navigate homepage, it also has some popular twelve (12) categories you can browse through. Below are some of these categories:

Pepapa is all about you – a classified platform that aims at empowering every person in the country to independently connect directly with buyers and sellers via online or remotely.

  • Phones
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Vehicle
  • Electronics
  • Real Estates
  • Home – Furniture
  • Animals & Pets
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Services & Industries
  • Arts – Sports

Despite these popular categories, another part to talk of is the ‘Latest Ads’ section with simple column showing the recent ads posted.

Refine by Price: A place where you can set the Minimum and maximum range of prices for items.

Feedbacks & Reports: Pepapa has a page, that’s the Contact Us Page to address them on any challenges or difficulties you facing about the website.

Another is the Pepapa App that is available on Google Play Store and Apply Store for you to download and install to use easily.

Posting an ad.

Most people do hate to sign up to classified websites before posting ad, and unlike others, Pepapa has the feature for you to go straight to post your ad without the need to sign up. has a page to post ad without signing up in such that, once you click on the ‘Sell’ at the top right of the screen, you’re then given a new page to list your ad and seller details instantly.

Pepapa as a classified website in Ghana, has been registered officially in Ghana under the Business Names Act, 1962 (Act 151) and such is why the CEO do check through all ads posted before approving them publicly.

Wrapping Up!
Each and every day, over 1.5 billion of people are getting connected to the internet and as more people are getting connected on the internet everyday either with their smartphones, tablets, laptops, PSP etc., Hence selling or buying online is the best market of now and the future since online market connects sellers and buyers directly.

I know this article about Pepapa as a Ghanaian Marketplace Online To Buy & Sell has been of help.

At Pepapa, the platform isn’t only for selling and buying though that’s the primary purpose but also about your security as more and more security measures are put in place. Promising to be more dynamic in the work to bring you closer to more buyers and sellers is all the targets of Pepapa.

Get to the website today, and also install the Mobile App and start selling or buying of items from any of the categories above.

Thank you for reading on ICT Catalogue today about A Ghanaian Marketplace Online To Buy & Sell.

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