How The “Undersea cables” Slow Internet Connectivity Has Affected Bloggers. 

By | January 18, 2020

How The “Undersea cables” Slow Internet Connectivity Has Affected Bloggers.

From Thursday, Friday and today being Saturday, the internet connectivity has been poor in such that most bloggers couldn’t be updating their blogs and visitors to the blogs also reduced in numbers.
With this, taking a look at how the world of blogging is full of internet connection, there’s no way bloggers can live without internet every day.

How The “Undersea cables” Slow Internet Connectivity Has Affected BloggersI myself as the founding editor at ICT Catalogue — Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal, I sometimes feel worried and frustrated only to see nothing but a slower internet connectivity as it doesn’t aid in updating your blog as well as surf the web for more information.

From South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa and particularly those using MTN mobile network, are those mostly experiencing this slower network connectivity as a result of “sea cable” issue.

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I just want to use this blog as a medium to voice out some of the challanges bloggers in Ghana as well as bloggers in Africa went through during this shortest possible time of “Sea Cable” issue.
To me, using my personal self as an example on how the “Sea Cables” has affected my blogging moments, I can testify how I wanted to open my WordPress dashboard and write my daily tech update but the dashboard loads for almost one (1) hour and couldn’t access it finally.

This just left me to put my laptop computer on ‘sleep mode’ and go to bed at a time I am supposed to be updating my blog. Bad moments ever!

A lot of followers or audience to talk in general, experienced the slowest internet connection ever in such that these audience had no option but to just close the kind website or blog they’re trying to access. They couldn’t access blogs as a result of slower internet connectivity.

Upon all this slower internet connectivity, some popular websites and few to mention are; Google and YouTube works normal as I watched most videos on YouTube while experiencing slower internet connectivity. The only thing that shocked me is why YouTube works now of which videos played normal but really pained me as I won’t be able to access any other sites……

Could This Turn To Be A bad Month For Bloggers?

Well I might not know but the only thing I know is that, bloggers have been encountering several problems although but this issue currently about the slower internet connectivity is a heart breaking.

Undersea cables” caused drop in traffic?

It has really dropped most in traffic in such that, bloggers can’t promote or push their newly updated articles and readers too can’t access websites or blogs to read updated stories.

Drop in Earnings?

This effect as it started from Thursday, has made a lot of bloggers to complain concerning the drop in their online earnings regarding sales online and advertising accounts — Google AdSense, Media.Net, Taboola, MGiD, Propeller, ClickBank, Amazon Affiliate and more to mention. Also, the already budgeted amount spent on advertising only to see that people can’t visit social media or any other Search Engine Marketing platforms. eg. Facebook, Google AdWords and more.

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Maybe I should rest my fingers here and hope to bring you more insights concerning everything you should know about the “UnderSea Cables” slower internet connectivity issue.

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This is the piece of information I have as I’ve shared with you and such is why I urge you to also drop your concerns about the “undersea cables” issues rising within some couple of days causing slower internet connectivity. How The “Undersea cables” Slow Internet Connectivity Has Affected Bloggers.

Thank you for reading and we hope to bring you more on ICT Catalogue — stay tuned and help share this post with friends and loved ones.

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