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By | December 31, 2020

The Tech niche in Ghana has seen much improvement as emerging tech blogs are contributing to the tech growth in Ghana. Tech blogging in Ghana can be a standalone niche — of which a lot of bloggers and publishers do not want to dive into.

ICT Catalogue can be seen with much contribution to the tech scene in Ghana — covering everything latest in Technology news, IT schools in Ghana, IT Scholarships, Online applications and more with contribution from hard working individuals.

2020 has been a great year, though the pandemic coronavirus outbreak has affected lives, living and business industries. Techies and non-techies in Ghana have contributed much more to the growth of tech in Ghana, with dedication towards their internet activities to embrace more to their tech careers in Ghana.

On electronic consumer side, many electronic gadgets have been purchased online with delivery during the era of pandemic coronavirus in 2020.

In our today’s article post, we want to brief you on some of the notable things that happened in the Ghana’s tech space in the whole 2020.


2020 has been seen to be a year of smartphones — for electronic consumers across the globe. There has been high production of smartphones in 2020 than any other year that has passed. We can see from the latest smartphones released by Tecno, Infinix, Itel, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Vivo, and much more. Mobile phones are the primary electronic consumer gadget a lot of Ghanaians purchase first than any other.

Tecno Ghana started the year 2020 by first releasing the Tecno Spark Go Plus, and other interesting android phones like; Tecno Camon 15 & Camon 15 Pro with all making the Camon 15 Series smartphones, Tech Spark 5, Tecno Spark Go 2020 Edition, Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro, Tecno Camon 16 & Camon 16 Pro — making Stonebwoy the brand ambassador and Tecno Spark 6 with its price all part of the latest Tecno phones in Ghana.

Infinix Mobility Ghana released more smartphones in the Ghanaian Mobile phone market — of which some are; Infinix S5, Infinix Hot 9 with specs and price in Ghana & Hot 9 Play, Infinix Note 7, Infinix Zero 8, Infinix Hot 10, and Infinix Note 8.

Samsung Ghana released varieties of smartphones, Huawei Ghana also launched a lot of smartphones under Nova series, and Itel Ghana after making Kuame Eugene as brand ambassador, released best latest smartphones with specs and prices including Itel S16 for Ghanaians.

Africa roundup: How Africa’s Tech Ecosystem Responds To COVID-19

On March 20, Ghana’s central bank directed mobile money providers to waive fees on transactions of GH₵100 (≈ $18), with restrictions on transactions to withdraw cash from mobile-wallets.

Ghana’s monetary body also eased KYC requirements on mobile-money, allowing citizens to use existing mobile phone registrations to open accounts with the major digital payment providers, according to a March 18 Bank of Ghana release.

Tech Startups In Ghana 2020

Tech In Ghana 2020

Ghana has emerged as one of the most robust and developed startup ecosystems on the continent, following Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa – as the major hubs on the continent. Ghana’s growth is thanks to several strengths, including significant consumer and business markets, sophisticated entrepreneurial talent, and a strong corporate sector. Ghana has access to local capital and ties to a growing number of international investors. High tech startups thrive in the midst of a growing number of startup support organizations active in the ecosystem.

IoT Network Hub has been promoting the robotics in Ghana. Training kids at early age to code and program robots freely. Other Ghanaian startups have contributed much to the Startup ecosystem in Ghana. These are; Mazzuma, Slydepay, ExpressPay, mPharma, KudiGo, Adi+Bolga, BezoMoney, Bare, Niqao, Pennysmart, Syecomp, Borla Daakye Waste Management, Nocofio.

Tech Summits In Ghana 2020

Ghana Tech Summit aims to revitalize Ghana’s entrepreneurial economy and reposition it as a global study of catalyzed innovation within an emerging market country. The Ghana Tech Summit is for local and international industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, digital marketers and creatives interested in transforming the world via entrepreneurship.

There has been a lot of Tech Summits, Tech in Ghana conference and more. Tech In Ghana Conference had a 2 days empowerment conference on the topic Ghana’s Next Tech Decade that started on Tuesday 27th October 2020 and ended on Wednesday 28th October 2020.

Telecommunication Companies In Ghana

With mobile networks in Ghana, Vodafone Ghana Wins Telco Of The Year And Best Brand At Ghana Business Awards and MTN Ghana also Awards Mobile Money Agents For Their Hardwork Despite COVID-19 in Ghana.

FinTech In Ghana

Fintech in Ghana 2020

During the Tech in Ghana conference held on Tuesday 27th October 2020 and ended on Wednesday 28th October 2020, there was a discussion on The Next 10 Years of Fintech in Ghana. There was further discussion on this topic and this brought about What will Ghana’s FinTech landscape look like between 2020 and 2030? And what kind of partnerships and collaborations might we see? Exploring Payments, Remittences, Mobile Services, Banking and more.

MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTIgo Money, Mazzuma, SlydePay, Zeepay Mobile Money, Expresspay, hubtel were all the fintech products that contributed much to the fintech ecosystem in Ghana.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Tech In Ghana

Despite the negative impacts of COVID-19 as effects, COVID-19 has brought advancement in the level of Technology in Ghana. A lot of activities were scheduled online for Ghanaians to stream live from the comfort of their room.

Churches were streaming online for members to watch from home, there was the introduction of online funerals with livestreaming for family members to watch anywhere online.

SHS and JHS students can join online classes to learn online via iCampus GH, applying for Scholarship online in Ghana, buying of ECG Prepaid credit online, How to withdraw MTN Mobile Money from ATM, AirtelTigo Money, Vodafone Cash and more.

The Role Of The Government Of Ghana In Tech 2020

Government of Ghana embarks on digital inclusion agenda.

Government’s contribution toward covid-19 with tech in Ghana was to use drone technology to play a new role to fight pandemic coronavirus in delivering COVID-19 tests in Ghana by the help of Zipline.

The government of Ghana has partook on its best to promote digitalisation in Ghana — with the implementation of digital address system, Digital Finance Policy, Universal QR Code Payment System For All Banks, ECG App for Ghanaians to be able to buy electricity prepaid using Mobile Money, the launch of iCampus GH by the Ministry of Education for SHS students to access library to study online. The government of Ghana launched Online Scholarship application system.

The Wins And Awards In Tech In Ghana

There are varieties of Ghanaian startups and companies that are winning more awards outside Ghana — and making Ghana proud as well.

In Ghana, there has been numerous awards for techpreneurs, startups and competition participants. Samuel Barimah Amoaning (Entamoty) Awarded Digital Marketer Of The Year At Youth Excellence Awards.

Under 2020 edition of the Ghana Startup Summit held at Accra Digital Center organized by Ghana Tech Lab, Madepam emerged as the winner of the Ghana Startup Summit 2020, Coastal Fish from Code Coast emerged as the 1st runner up, Dansyn Innovation Social Organisation – Dansyn ISO Training Hub of the year and the Overall Best Hub of the year, Kumasi Hive Best employability hub – Kumasi Hive Best incubation hub – Kumasi Hive Best ecosystem hub – Kumasi Hive with a closing remarks for the event from Mr. Nelson Amo.

Internet Users In Ghana

According to a statistical report from DataReportal, there were 14.76 million internet users in Ghana in January 2020. The number of internet users in Ghana increased by 1.0 million (+7.5%) between 2019 and 2020. Internet penetration in Ghana stood at 48% in January 2020.

How 2020 Has Shown That Technology Is The Future of The World

The impact of COVID-19 in 2020 has shown that, Technology is indeed, the future of the world we live. E-learning, remote working, E-commerce and courier services, Facebook Live Church Services, Fact-Checks Websites, Online blogs and news portals in Ghana brought the importance of technology.

Despite popular websites like Ghana Web, MyJoyOnline, PeaceFMOnline, Mordern Ghana, other blogs such as Ameyaw Debrah, Ghana Celebrities, GH Base, GH Page, Brown GH, GH Gossip, Gossips24, Celebrities Buzz GH, Dklass GH, GH Links, all have also contributed much to news provision during the era of lockdown in Ghana — to help Ghanaians stay at home and keep updated.

Tech blogs in Ghana

As mentioned earlier, the tech niche in Ghana is a standalone, and much thanks to all the other tech blogs that are embracing to their tech journalism as tech bloggers — contributing to the tech niche in Ghana. Some of these tech blogs in Ghana are;,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable — since we are surrounded by technology. We use technology tools and gadgets to accomplish our everyday activities. These are the things that happened in the tech scene for 2020 in Ghana. Thanks for making ICT Catalogue part of tech blogs in Ghana.

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