How The Increase In Price Of The MTN Turbo Net Could Drive More People Away

By | December 29, 2020

How The Increase In Price Of The MTN Turbo Net Could Drive More People Away.

The MTN Ghana after the launch of their Fibre Broadband at the Accra Digital Centre on Thursday, May 30 2019, the Chief Executive Officer MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh disclosed that the TurboNet sets out to meet consumers demand for an affordable and super high internet service.

How The Increase In Price Of The MTN Turbo Net Could Drive More People AwayMTN TurboNet is a plug and play super high speed 4G internet router. It comes with a high-powered external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver fast internet in MTN 4G locations.

TurboNet provides instant high speed internet for up to 32 users at the same time. To enjoy the service, Users location must be within MTN’s 4G coverage. TurboNet is suitable for home or office use.

The Fibre Broadband from MTN Ghana then became the best broadband network you can rely on for the fastest internet connection on a 4G network of which users can go for the Turbo Net router With Internet Surfing Speed Up To 300MBps to enjoy the best browsing speed like never before.

After the launch of the Fibre Broadband router by MTN, this made MTN Ghana to become the leading 4G network provider in the digital revolution with their Turbo Net device onto the Ghanaian market.

With this, a lot of Ghanaians are rushing and I can remember the last I went with a colleague to one of their branch at Ridge, then to Osu only to be told of the shortage of their Fibre Broadband Router — the MTN Turbo Net.

We then have to leave our phone contact for staffs at MTN’s branch at Osu to call in case some new routers are made available for purchasing.

This can tell you how a lot of Ghanaians are rushing for the MTN Turbo Net device with its fastest 4G+ network connection on the go.

Recently, MTN Ghana sent message as notification to subscribers regarding the increase in the price of Fibre Broadband, TurboNet data and device prices effective 2nd March 2020.

Y’ello Valued Customer, In line with previous communication regarding price adjustments, Fibre broadband and TurboNet data and device prices will increase effective 2nd March 2020. Enjoy our new flexi features and no expiry on data bundles. Thank you for choosing MTN. #WeDey4U”

This special message from MTN Ghana tells us that the mobile network has made the decision already in increasing the prices for the TurboNet router and TurboNet data effectively. But do you think this could be a good decision by the mobile network over this?

With forecast, it’s likely that the price of the MTN TurboNet will rise from GHS 300 to 499.

mtn turbonetThis means that MTN Ghana will be adding an amount of GHS 199 to the price of the router and for the data bundle packages, they are as follows:

  • 5GB from the price of GHS 20 to GHS 25.
  • 10GB from the price of GHS 40 to GHS 50
  • 20GB from the price of GHS 75 to GHS ??
  • 45GB from the price of GHS 120 to GHS 145
  • 90GB from the price of GHS 175 to GHS ??
  • 225GB from the price of GHS 240 to GHS 295
  • 500GB from the price of GHS 395 to GHS ??

The TurboNet being in shortage means a lot people are seeing the good internet service it gives and are rushing for it based on the recommendations but it’s a kind of bad decision taken by the Mobile telecommunication network to increase the price of the router and data packages since it’s going to cause more users to stop using the device including its data packages since a lot of Ghanaians hate to buy a high cost internet bundle package.

This as a result will cause a lot of Ghanaians to choose alternative internet service providers over that of MTN with their TurboNet router. People have started complaining about the high cost of the TurboNet released by MTN Ghana and aired their choice to go for — that is either Vodafone Broadband with their 4G network, Glo Ghana, AirtelTigo etc.

The Inflation of the MTN TurboNet router will cause a decrease in the purchasing power of consumers for both the TurboNet device and the data packages due to high rise in prices across Ghana.

Since a lot of Ghanaians are going to run from using MTN TurboNet and alternate for other networks, it will be best if MTN listen to its audience (subscribers) first and make the adjustment from the choice of users to promote the relationship between its users and the company itself.

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The first revolution of high-speed home broadband in Ghana” is MTN TurboNet router but for now, a lot of Ghanaians are having the mindset to choose an alternative over the turbonet router due to the change in price resulting to high cost internet.

How Ghanaians Are Reacting to the change in price of the MTN TurboNet

What do you also think?

That this change by MTN Ghana will make a lot of Ghanaians using the TurboNet router — to switch from MTN to other networks as the alternative solution?

Then you can also share your mind with us — as I have share my opinion about this over this tech blog in Ghana.

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