How To Transfer MTN Airtime To Another MTN In South Africa

By | January 1, 2021

MTN is known to be one of the most commonly used cellular networks in South Africa. For better calls, faster internet services on a 4G enabled device, MTN is the best and recommended cellular network for individuals in South Africa.

We do purchase MTN airtime credit and at times, our friends can be stuck in the middle of something, being in need of credit emergency. You can be called to do favour by sending that friend credit but you also might not be nearer to any MTN credit vendor. With this, the only option is to learn how to send MTN airtime credit easily in South Africa.

Fro MTN South Africa, any subscriber on MTN Contract, Anytime TopUp, Off-Peak TopUp or PayAsYouGo customer can transfer airtime from MTN to MTN without paying an activation or subscription fee. This means you are free to share your airtime credit to that friend who has also subscribed to MTN South Africa cellular network.

MTN South Africa allows you to send airtime using the free Me2U Service available.

MTN Me2U Service in South Africa

Me2U is an MTN service that allows one to transfer some of their purchased airtime to other qualifying MTN subscribers such as PayAsYouGo, MyChoice, TopUp, Anytime TopUp or OffPeak TopUp.

As an MTN Contract, Anytime TopUp, Off-Peak TopUp or PayAsYouGo customer, you can purchase or transfer airtime, SMSs and internet bundles for any MTN PayAsYouGo, TopUp, Anytime TopUp or Off-Peak TopUp customer. There is no activation or subscription fee, and it is the ideal way to stay in touch with family and friends.

In this article, I will like to share with you how to send airtime from MTN to MTN Cellular network.

The best and recommended way to transfer MTN airtime to another MTN number is by using the MTN airtime transfer code in South Africa.

You can transfer up to R1 000 per day and R10 000 per month if you have sufficient airtime in your prepaid wallet. You can also receive up to R200 per day and R1 000 per month.

MTN Me2U Contract Airtime Options in South Africa

No.PackageAirtime Amount
1MTN Me2UR25.00 limit per month
2MTN Me2UR50.00 limit per month
3MTN Me2UR100.00 limit per month
4MTN Me2UR300.00 limit per month
5MTN Me2UR500.00 limit per month
6MTN Me2UR1 000.00 limit per month
MTN Me2U Contract Airtime Options

How To Transfer MTN Airtime To Another MTN Number

Method 1

  • Dial the MTN Me2U short code, *136*3#
  • Follow the prompt and enter the recipient’s number
  • confirm with your Me2U code and send the credit

Method 2:

  • Dial the Me2U alternative code, *136*328#
  • Enter the person’s phone number
  • Enter the value of airtime
  • Follow the prompt and transfer the airtime

Method 3:

  • Simply dial 141 on your cell phone
  • Follow the voice prompt to transfer airtime

PayAsYouGo customers are to note that they can send airtime to another MTN number, starting from an amount of R2. The amount of the transfer will be deducted from the customer’s MTN PayAsYouGo airtime account in South Africa.

The MTN South Africa Me2U service is available for MTN Contract customers also, with the limit options ranging from R25 a month to R1,000 a month.

How to transfer credit from MTN to another MTN Number in South Africa is the reason why we have provided you this article.

MTN Me2U transfers are free, so go ahead and share the love.

In our next article, we shall give you more you may need to know about MTN South Africa offers, promos and tutorials.

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