List of All MTN Short Codes In Ghana

By | April 9, 2024

The list of all MTN Short codes in Ghana has everything you would need to know about the Latest MTN Ghana Short Codes for all of the services provided by MTN Ghana. With this, you can have varieties of services provided by the telecommunication company from All MTN Short codes for Free Calls in Ghana, mtn unlimited calls code, mtn unlimited calls code Ghana and mtn code for calls only.

This is all we have for you today about the latest MTN Ghana Short codes in 2024 To Know.

Some General MTN Ghana Shortcodes You Should Know To Complete A Simple Task In 2024.

Welcome to ICT Catalogue today as I present to you some of the short codes for MTN Ghana in 2024, what they meant to you and how to make good use of them.

There are a lot of MTN Ghana short codes out there but this blog is only dedicated to giving you the ones we know for now to simply use to complete your tasks.

Check the latest MTN Ghana short codes for all services in 2024 below. This ranges from how to make cheap MTN calls, how to subscribe to MTN data bundle with prices, how to access MTN call centre, how to borrow MTN airtime and many more.

MTN Short Codes For General Services In Ghana

  • Dial *124# for balance inquiry.
  • Dial *156# to check your MTN mobile phone number. You can check how to check your MTN phone number.
  • Dial 100 to access the MTN call centre.
  • *1333# – Self service code
  • Dial *134*pin# to reload airtime
  • Dial *144*number to recharge for*the voucher number#
  • To borrow some credit, dial *506#
  • For blackberry dial *140#.
  • If you want to subscribe to caller tunez package dial 1355. To unsubscribe from tunez just text ‘STOP’ to 1355.
  • *811# – Family And Friends / CLIQ
  • 7014 – Send START to activate Phonebook backup or STOP to deactivate
  • *5090# – Hello World Bundle for customers who want to Roam
  • *5060# — SME Bundles
  • *1390# — Number Reservation
  • 1333 – Self service IVR
  • 1303 – MTN Radio activation and listening
  • Dial 108  – for voicemail activation
  • Dial 109 – For retrieving voicemail
  • *43# – Activating Call waiting
  • Dial ##21# to cancel call divert.
  • *31# – Hide caller ID

MTN Ghana Sim Card Related Shortcodes

  • For phone number portable, text PORT to 600.
  • For confirmation on SIM Registration status, dial *400#.

MTN Free Calls In Ghana

There are numerous MTN Ghana short codes you could check and make a choice from, and few to mention are:

  • MTN Jara
  • MTN Magic Number
  • MTN Mashup

You can dial the short code *550# and access all the services you would need to make free calls and other MTN cheaper calls in Ghana.

MTN Ghana Emergency Related Short codes

  • To borrow some credit, Dial *506#
  • *172# — Used to Locate mobile money merchants.
  • To use please call me service, send 0xxxxxxxx 1 to 1399. The x’s are replaced with the recipient’s phone number.
  • To share your credit with friends, dial *198#.
  • Dial 154[244xxxxxx] for MTN pay for me. The x’s recipient’s phone number.
  • *296# – AYO Recharge with care insurance code.
  • *1390# — Number Reservation

MTN Internet short codes in Ghana

  • Dial*138# to purchase internet bundle.
  • Dial *138*4# for super saver bundles code.
  • Dial *585# for MTN Automatic Internet settings.
  • For WeChat monthly data package, dial *1552#.
  • Dial *5090# – Hello World Bundle for customers who want to Roam
  • *513# – Master account for sharing data bundle.
  • *5060# — SME Bundles

MTN Ghana Promotions

  • Dial *5055# for MTN Jaara: Please keep note that this promo only works only in Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West, Northern Region and Volta Region to mention.
  • *5050# – Sunday Special: Works only on Sundays
  • *550# – Magic Number for only numbers less than 3 months old. This lasts for almost 6 months with one active phone number. This code allows you to make free calls for 6 months with MTN new SIM card
  • *135# — MTN Zone / MTN So cool
  • *315# — MTN Free After 1 code / MTN Nkomode code
  • *567# — MTN Pulse/ Mashup
  • *141# = Just for you offer

MTN Voicemail Short codes

  • For sending a voicemail, dial 108.
  • To receive a voicemail dial 109.

MTN Mobile Money Short codes

  • *171# – Mobile Money Merchant transaction menu.
  • Dial *170# for MTN mobile money code. Check out our article on full guide to MTN Mobile Money here.
  • Dial *511# to generate mobile money ATM token. Read the post on how to generate MTN Mobile Money token and withdraw money from the ATM.
  • *172# — Used to Locate mobile money merchants.
  • *5051# – For requesting a merchant SIM Card.
  • *296# – AYO Recharge with care insurance code.

MTN Bank Related Short codes

  • *770# — Ecobank Treasure Bill

These short codes about Latest MTN Ghana Short Codes In 2024 to know helps average MTN Ghana subscribers to know the everyday MTN short codes to use.

Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Ghana Short Codes

How to Transfer MTN Data Bundle in Ghana

For anything about How to Transfer MTN Data Bundle to another MTN number in Ghana, this USSD service does not work anymore — since 2015. So, If you looking for how to transfer data from one SIM to another on MTN, then this offer has been canceled by the Mobile Telecommunication Network company.

MTN Bundle Cheat

Currently, MTN Ghana does not have any MTN bundle cheat in Ghana or MTN bundle Cheat short codes for subscribers.

How To Get Free Data On MTN In Ghana

MTN Ghana has several free data offers for its subscribers — to enjoy during moments of browsing. These free browsing offers are: Free 50MB Data from MTN after activating MTN Free After 1 offer and make call, the bundles you will get when you subscribe to MTN Sunday Special offer and the free bundle you will get when subscribed to MTN Mashup/Pulse package.

Code To Be Getting Free Credit From MTN Network In Ghana

There is no MTN short code to be getting free credit from MTN network in Ghana. You can only buy credit from Mobile money or purchase from any MTN vendor nearby. You can also get free credit from MTN Ghana by reading from this post on How To Get Free Credit From MTN Ghana.

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