How To Redeem MTN Free Airtime And Internet Bundle With MTN Loyalty Rewards In Ghana

How To Redeem MTN Free Airtime And Internet Bundle With MTN Loyalty Rewards to be able to talk, text, browse and treat yourself to a rewards of your choice on MTN Ghana.

Imagine if there is a way you can generate free MTN airtime credit to make calls for free, or you can get free MTN internet bundle to browse for free — without paying any penny. That’s where the MTN Loyalty rewards comes in.

With the MTN Loyalty Rewards, it pays for a reason for joining a loyalty network like MTN Ghana.

What Is MTN Loyalty Rewards Points?

MTN Loyalty rewards points is an offer that enables MTN Ghana subscribers to earn rewards and incentives as a result of spending money on airtime for calls and bundles. This, the MTN Points are the points you are rewarded with — for every time airtime you buy, SMS package you buy and internet bundle you purchase on your phone.

MTN Ghana rolled out this special loyalty rewards package a few years ago — that allows customers to gain points as they continue to buy and use airtime. It does not matter what you use the airtime for, you will just gain points as you use it.

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Therefore, as you buy airtime for calls, surfing the internet, sending SMSs among others, you accumulate points.

What Can I buy With Your MTN Loyalty Rewards Points?

MTN Ghana has several packages you can choose to buy with your Loyalty rewards points. These packages as rewards are: Data bundles, MTN airtime and SMS bundles.

Airtime Packages According to points

PointsPackage offers
2000ptsGHC 1
4000ptsGHC 2
10000ptsGHC 5
20000ptsGHC 10
40000ptsGHC 20

Data Bundle packages according to points

PointsPakage OfferDuration
1000pts20MB1 Day
2000pts50MB1 Day
4000pts120MB1 Day
6000pts180MB1 Day
10000pts300MB1 Day
20000pts600MB1 Day
40000pts1024MB1 Day
80000pts2560MB1 Day

From the duration given in the table, MTN Loyalty Rewards for data bundles last for 24 hours. Thus, a daily data bundle.

How To Check Your MTN Loyalty Points

  1. Dial the code, *482#
  2. Choose option 1 to check your point balance
  3. You will now see your points available.

Sample: Dear Customer, You have 900565 points available.

Let us now take a look at how to redeem your loyalty points to either airtime or data bundle.

How To Redeem Your MTN Loyalty Points?

How to get free loyalty rewards of airtime and internet data from MTN.

  1. Dial *482# on your mobile phone
  2. Choose the option 2 — Redeem points
  3. Select the package type you want to redeem; 1. Airtime or 2. Data Bundle
  4. Choose the offer and wait for a while.
  5. MTN Ghana will now send you a confirmation SMS that you have redeemed your points.
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You have successfully redeemed 40000 points for 20GHC. Talk, TXT & Browse more to accrue more points.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Redeem Your MTN Loyalty Rewards Points

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your loyalty reward points, simply follow the steps given above here.

How can I get free 1gb data on MTN?

You can get up to 1GB MTN Data for free using the MTN Loyalty rewards points. Simply dial *482#, Choose option 2 for redeem points, Select the option 2 for data bundle, Enter 99 for more options and select option 7 for 40000points giving you 1GB free MTN Data.

How can I get free minutes on MTN?

MTN Loyalty rewards gives you free minutes to make your calls. Just follow the steps here to learn how to get free minutes on MTN.

code to be getting free credit from mtn network in ghana

The only code to be getting free credit from MTN network in Ghana is the shortcode, *482# — choose redeem your points and select Airtime option to choose the type of free airtime credit you want from MTN Ghana.

How To Get Free Airtime and Internet Bundle From MTN

MTN loyalty rewards give you more airtime or internet data for free in Ghana. You just have to dial the shortcode, *482#, choose redeem your points and follow the steps to redeem your points.

How To Accrue More Points

To accrue more points, you will just have to Talk, TXT & Browse more with on MTN.

code to check mtn royalty reward

The short code to check your MTN loyalty reward is *482#.

mtn lotalty points code ghana

Type in the code *482#. Choose option 1 to check your MTN points balance.

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