Swift Codes For Banks In Ghana 2024

By | April 9, 2024

These are the Swift Codes For Banks In Ghana you can check out for when in need of any.

I have had countless request from friends and relatives about some of the banks in Ghana and their swift codes — which prompted me to write this article with the complete list of all Ghana banks swift codes nationwide.

There are a lot of banks in Ghana today and doing swift transfer or wire transfer requires you find the swift code of that bank.

From Commercial banks in Ghana, Rural banks in Ghana, development banks in Ghana and many more banks in Ghana, all of these have a mother that is Bank of Ghana.

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But swift code is important for each and every bank operating legally under Bank of Ghana — since it is required for money transfer and others.

We are writing this post about Swift Codes For Banks In Ghana under the influence of many Ghanaians looking for swift code for banks in Ghana to use for their international remittances.

In today’s article, we shall take a look at what Swift code means and some of the banks in Ghana with Swift codes for 2024.

What Is Swift Code?

Swift Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank.

What Is Swift Code Used For and When?

Swift codes are used particularly when transferring money between banks, for international money transfers. Despite money transfers, banks also used swift codes for exchanging other messages between them.

Understanding Swift Code

Swift code consists of 8 or 11 characters and when the 8-digit is given, it therefore refers to primary office — as given below.


First 4 characters – bank code (only letters)
Next 2 characters – ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (only letters)
Next 2 characters – location code (letters and digits) (passive participant will have “1” in the second character)
Last 3 characters – branch code, optional (‘XXX’ for primary office) (letters and digits)

Swift codes of all major banks in Ghana are very important when we want to receive or send money internationally and these are the list of swift codes for banks in Ghana below.

Swift Codes For Banks In Ghana

With these codes, I will like to give you the swift codes you can use when receiving money internationally, because they are for main branches of banks in Ghana. When receiving money internationally, it does not matter whether you save at Accra, Kumasi or Tamale. But it’s only required that you use the main branch’s swift code of your bank to receive money internationally.

These are the swift codes for banks in Ghana you should give it a try.

BankCityBranchSwift Code
Access Bank (Ghana) LimitedAccraHead OfficeABNGGHAC
Agricultural Develoment BankAccraHead OfficeADNTGHAC
ARB Apex Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeAREXGHAC
Bank Of AfricaAccraHead OfficeAMMAGHAC
Bank Of Baroda (Ghana) LimitedAccraHead OfficeBARBGHAC
Bank Of GhanaAccraHead OfficeBAGHGHAC
Barclays Bank (Absa) Bank Of Ghana Ltd.AccraHead OfficeBARCGHAC
BSIC Ghana LtdAccraHead OfficeBSAHGHAC
Cal BankAccraHead OfficeACCCGHAC
Capital Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeFCPBGHAC
Central Securities Depository (GH) LimitedAccraHead OfficeCSDRGHAC
Consolidated Bank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeUBGHGHAC
Controller And Accountant General’s DepartmentAccraHead OfficeCODGGHAC
Ecobank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeECOCGHAC
Energy Bank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeENRBGHAC
FBNBank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeINCEGHAC
Fidelity Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeFBLIGHAC
First Atlantic Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeFAMCGHAC
First National Bank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeFIRNGHAC
GCB Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeGHCBGHAC
Ghana Revenue AuthorityAccraHead OfficeGHRAGHAC
GN Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeGNBGGHAC
Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) LtdAccraHead OfficeGTBIGHAC
HFC Bank (Ghana )LtdAccraHead OfficeHFCAGHAC
OMNIBANK Ghana Limited AccraHead OfficeOMBLGHAC
National Investment BankAccraHead OfficeNIBGGHAC
Prudential Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficePUBKGHAC
Republic BankAccraHead OfficeHFCAGHAC
The Royal BankAccraHead OfficeTRBGGHAC
Social Security And National Insurance TrustAccraHead OfficeSSNTGHAC
Societe Generale Ghana Limited AccraHead OfficeSSEBGHAC
Sovereign Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeSVBGGHAC
Stanbic Bank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeSBICGHAC
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeSCBLGHAC
Takoradi International CompanyTakoradiHead OfficeTAKOGHAC
Unibank Ghana LimitedAccraHead OfficeUBGHGHAC
United Bank For Africa (Ghana) LimitedAccraHead OfficeSTBGGHAC
Universal Merchant Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeMBGHGHAC
UT Bank LimitedAccraHead OfficeUTBKGHAC
Zenith Bank (GHANA) LimitedAccraHead OfficeZEBLGHAC

These are the swift codes for Banks in Ghana — that are recommended for your international money transfers.

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Now, after knowing the swift code for banks in Ghana to use when receiving money internationally, it’s time to know for banks in Ghana according to cities and we shall cover that in our next article post for you — and all we urge you to do is to subscribe to our feeds.

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