MTN Data Bundle Packages and Prices In Ghana

MTN Data Bundle Packages and Prices In Ghana – Everywhere in the world, data bundles are regarded as one of the most valuable commodities in the world of technology.

Indeed, without it, it is safe to say that surfing the internet would be nearly impossible. When we talk about data, we mean the data bundles that allow people to connect to the internet via their phone or any other internet-connected device, and most mobile telecommunications providers worldwide, including Ghana, offer a variety of data bundle packages at varying prices.

If you have any questions, you can find the answers at the bottom of this post, as we will be looking at MTN data bundle packages and their prices while in Ghana.

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MTN Data Bundle Packages and Prices

While purchasing a data bundle from MTN is simple, the first step is to choose the type of bundle you want. The various data bundle packages and prices offered by MTN are listed below;

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MTN Basic Bundles – You can purchase these bundles for as low as GHC 0.5 and for as high as GHC 399. Between these two values, you will get data between 23MB and 250GB. To buy these bundles, just dial *138#. One thing you need to have in mind is that these bundles do not expire.

MTN Zone Bundles – These bundles are valid for 24 hours and there are three bundle packages – GHC 2.99 for 1GB, GHC 3.99 for 2GB, and GHC 5.99 for 5GB. To purchase these bundles, dial *135#.

MTN Midnight Bundles – The MTN midnight bundles are valid from 12 am to 5 am. The bundles are GHC 1 for 2.79GB, GHC 2.99 for 8.5GB, and GHC 5 for 5.33GB. To buy these bundles, just dial *138#.

MTN Kokrokoo Bundles – This bundle is valid between 4 am and 8 am. The bundle goes for GHC 1.09 and with this, you get 400MB and 20 minutes of talk time. To buy these bundles, just dial *138#.

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MTN social media bundles – As the name implies, these bundles are used to visit various social media handles. The bundles do not expire and the packages are GHC 1 for 94MB, GHC 5 for 471MB, and GHC 10 for 943MB. To buy these bundles, dial *138#.

MTN Turbonet Bundles – These bundles are for the MTN Turbonet routers. The packages are GHC 43 for 5.14GB, GHC 87 for 10.27GB, GHC 253 for 108.23GB, GHC 516 for 410.93GB. To buy these packages, dial *5057#. This bundle is also a non-expiry bundle so you only top-up when it get exhausted.

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