MTN Kokrokoo Bundle: Price, Short Code & How to Subscribe in Ghana

By | October 18, 2022

The MTN Kokrokoo bundle really makes life quite better as an MTN customer especially in the morning when you need to make some calls and also check stuff on the internet.

The bundle is a data-and-voice bundle and as a customer, you can actually subscribe to it with less than GHC 2. This article will enlighten you on the MTN Kokrokoo bundle and at the end of the article, you will have all the answers that you will need.

About MTN Kokrooko Bundle

The MTN Kokrokoo Bundle is one of the soothing MTN Ghana bundles. The bundle is valid early in the morning and the validity time is between 4 am and 8 am. Within this period, an MTN customer who has subscribed to the bundle will have 400MB to surf the internet as well as 20 minutes of talk time to call friends and loved ones.

MTN Kokrokoo Price

Since we now know the validity period of the MTN Kokrokoo bundle, the next thing is how much the bundle costs. To subscribe to the MTN Kokrooko bundle, you must have not less than GHC 1.09.

MTN Kokrokoo Short Code

The short code that an MTN subscriber can use to subscribe to the MTN Kokrokoo bundle is *138#.

How to Subscribe to MTN Kokrokoo

If you want to subscribe to the MTN Kokrokoo bundle, do the following;

Dial the code, *138#
Choose option 3 ‘Kokrooko Bundle’
Proceed to follow the prompts in order to complete the transaction

Other MTN Bundles

MTN Midnight Bundles – MTN midnight bundles are available between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. GHC 1 gets you 2.79GB, GHC 2.99 gets you 8.5GB, and GHC 5 gets you 5.33GB, and you can get this bundle by dialing *138#.

MTN social media bundles – These bundles, as the name implies, are used to access various social media accounts. MTN’s social media bundles have no expiration date and cost GHC 1 for 94MB, GHC 5 for 471MB, and GHC 10 for 943MB. To purchase these bundles, dial *138#.

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