MTN Turbonet Router Price, Bundle And Specifications (2023 Guide)

By | June 1, 2023

The MTN Turbonet Router Price, Bundle And Specifications (2020 Guide) is here for anyone that is looking for which fastest 4G internet service in Ghana is best for his or her internet browsing works.

MTN Turbonet device has become the saviour for internet users in Ghana — coming with faster and cheaper internet to homes as an alternative to MTN’s already existing fibre broadband products.

Not long ago was when MTN Ghana launched the MTN Turbonet which is a plug and play high-speed 4G device that is made by Huawei for MTN Ghana which has been in existence to allow MTN customers to get the best of its 4G internet services with interesting data bundles option.

What Is MTN TurboNet Router?

MTN Turbonet is a Plug and Play super high-speed 4G internet device that comes with a high-powered external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver fast internet connection in MTN 4G availability locations.

With MTN Turbonet router, the device allows you to connect to up to 32 users at the same time. Make sure you are in a MTN’s 4G coverage location to enjoy the service of MTN Turbonet.

How And Where To Buy The MTN Turbonet

MTN Turbonet is available at MTN Ghana regional office and any selected MTN branches in Greater Accra Region, Ashanti Region, Western Region and Tamale. You have the option to buy the advice from any MTN accredited service centre at a one time cost.

Despite buying from MTN accredited shops in Ghana, you can also make a purchase for the MTN Turbonet router at Hubtel’s online shop in Ghana.

How To Check MTN Turbonet Fibre Availability

  1. Dial the short code, *5057#
  2. Choose the option 4, “Check Fibre Availability”
  3. An SMS notification with further instruction will be sent to you shortly.

Price of MTN Turbonet Router In Ghana

If you are asking for the price of MTN Turbo net router in Ghana, then we have it here for you. The cost of MTN Turbo net in Ghana is GHS 500 — which comes with a free MTN 4G SIM card in addition with 5GB of free data for 6 months.

Benefits of MTN Turbonet Router

The MTN Turbo net has so many benefits you can enjoy as a user, and these are;

  • Self-service accessible from the router
  • Extra 5GB of bonus upon recharge for the next 5 months after activation
  • Free 5GB of data upon registration/activation
  • Super-high-speed and reliable internet connection
  • Unbeatable data plans valid for 30 days with the option to roll over
  • External antenna to enhance internet connection
  • Voice-enabled feature for calls (MTN advises that you keep the SIM in the router at all times)

MTN Turbonet Bundle Prices

These are the MTN Turbonet data bundles and prices in Ghana. The data bundle for MTN Turbonet rolls over, that means you do not have to finish using your bundle — since MTN Ghana will roll over your bundle for you.

5.18 GBGHS 25
10.36 GBGHS 50
16.06 GBGHS 80
27.11 GBGHS 90
30.12 GBGHS 100
46.64 GBGHS 145
233.18 GBGHS 295

How To Buy Data Bundle On MTN Turbonet

A lot of friends used to ask me about how to buy MTN Turbonet router bundle conveniently.

MTN Ghana allows you to link your existing phone number to your Turbonet router for buying data bundle. This has to be done when you are buying the MTN Turbonet router at the MTN Customer Service Shop.

After linking your existing phone number to the MTN Turbonet router, you can follow the steps below to top up via Airtime or MTN Mobile Money. You can also learn how to buy MTN Turbonet data bundle with your MTN Mobile Money account here: How To Buy Bundle On MTN TurboNet Using MTN Mobile Money

  1. Dial *170# to access the MTN Mobile Money options
  2. Choose option 3 — Airtime & Bundles
  3. Choose option 3 — MTN Broadband
  4. Enter your MTN Turbonet number
  5. Select your preferred package and price
  6. Confirm purchase
  7. There will be a text message to confirm your purchase.
  8. Now, enter your MoMo PIN to complete the purchase.

MTN TurboNet Bundle Payment options

  • MTN MoMo
  • Airtime on Broadband
  • Mobile Airtime

How To Check MTN Turbonet Data Bundle Balance

You can use your linked MTN number to check for your MTN Turbonet data bundle anytime by following the steps below.

  1. Dial *5057# on your linked MTN number
  2. Select the option 3 — “Check balance”
  3. Choose your account from the list of numbers that show up
  4. You’ll be notified for the data bundle you have on your MTN Turbonet.

How To Get Started With MTN Turbonet in 3 Easy Steps

  1. To get started with your MTN Turbonet router, you should buy the device from any MTN shop nationwide.
  2. Kindly register your MTN SIM Card and start buying. You can either use the Turbonet router short code *5057# or MTN Mobile Money to buy data bundle.
  3. When you link your phone number to the MTN Turbonet router, you can now enjoy a faster unbelievable high internet speed.

How to purchase Flexi bundles for MTN turbonet

  1. Dial *5057# from your linked mobile number
  2. Select buy bundle
  3. Select option 5 to enter the amount you want to purchase
  4. Enter any amount between Ghc 25 – Ghc 5,000
  5. Confirm purchase
  6. Select your preferred payment channel
  7. Approve purchase
  8. Enjoy superfast internet

MTN Turbonet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more frequently asked questions about the MTN Turbonet router, you can access additional information here about MTN Turbonet 4G router.

How To Link MTN Number To Turbonet Router

For anything about how to link your MTN number to your Turbonet router, kindly walk to any nearest MTN office across the nation and provide them your credentials to make this changes for you.

How much does it cost?

The MTN Turbonet router price in Ghana is GHS 500 — as the effective price since March 2, 2020.

MTN TurboNet Short code

The MTN Turbonet short code is *5057# for all services — and you can also use MTN Mobile Money short code *170# for purchasing of bundles. Check this here: How To Buy Bundle On TurboNet Using MTN Mobile Money

Is MTN TurboNet battery powered?

NO! The MTN TurboNet router is a plug and play device that one has to connect to light for power before it works.

MTN Turbonet Router Speed

The MTN Turbonet router has a high-speed 4G internet up to 300MBps.

How do I Purchase Data Bundles?

You can top up via airtime and purchase data bundles via the USSD code *5057#.
You can also purchase data bundles directly via MTN Mobile Money *170#

How Can Non-MTN User Buy Turbonet Data Bundle packages?

Non-MTN users can top up their MTN Turbonet account and purchase data bundles via the MTN portal- or connect to the TurboNet router and recharge via the Huawei HiLink Mobile App (downloadable on iOS and Google play stores)

Can I do data rollover?

Yes, data rollover is allowed on the MTN TurboNet Fibre Broadband. Just like any other Fibre Broadband approach, you just have to bundle before your 30 days validity.
Hence, MTN Turbonet data bundles does not expire.

Which bundle is best?

No one can tell the type of bundle which is best for you though — but the only way I can recommend is to buy the biggest bundle firstly, then switch it to the lowest bundle in the next month as you have more bundle left but the cheapest bundle will just be of help to make a rollover.

Can I use SIM in mobile phone?

No! It’s not recommended to use the SIM card that comes with the TurboNet router inside a mobile phone.
MTN Ghana may block any SIM card that has been removed from the TurboNet device for 24 hours and maybe you inserting it in a mobile phone alone can get the SIM card blocked for 6 months.

Can I Swap Turbonet SIM Card?

If you are out there asking yourself, can I swap turbonet sim cards on the MTN Turbonet router, then you have to visit any MTN customer care office, present to them your ID card, the previous number you are using on your Turbonet router and the new number you want to change to.
But swapping SIM Cards in your Turbonet device like removing and putting different SIM card is not allowed and can get your SIM card blocked for 6 months. This can get your Turbonet device locked, unless you visit any MTN office located in your area to unlock your Turbonet router for you.

Is it possible to swap or exchange TurboNet for a Fibre broadband account?

Yes it is. You can place a request for an upgrade from TurboNet to Fibre Broadband account. Kindly contact 0244308111.

Are there any service fees involved when I swap from TurboNet to Fibre Broadband?

You will not make any payment. You will be contacted and assisted with the migration process.

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It’s not recommended to remove the SIM card from your TurboNet device as the SIM card is not made for mobile phones as well as making calls — such is why it is called Data SIM and preferred for your Turbonet router.

MTN Turbonet plug and play router Turbonet provides instant MTN 4G locations, high-speed internet for up to 32 concurrent users.

What do you also know about the MTN Turbonet device today?

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