How To Change MTN Turbonet Password In Ghana

By | July 19, 2023

How to Change MTN Turbonet Password in Ghana – Internet access has been quite reliable since the introduction of MTN Turbonet. MTN Turbonet not only provides reliable internet, but it also provides fast internet.

While using the Turbonet service, you can change some settings to suit your needs, one of which is changing your Turbonet password.

This article will explain how to change your MTN Turbonet password yourself in Ghana. MTN’s goal is to significantly improve its customers’ lives while also guiding the delivery of a daring, new digital world to them. by delivering high-quality, relevant, and controllable telecommunications solutions.

With the launch of the Turbonet service, MTN has established itself as the leading provider of connection, communication, and collaboration solutions in Ghana.


About MTN Turbonet

MTN TurboNet is a super-fast 4G Internet router. You must have in mind that the device is a plug and play device, which means without electricity, there is no way you can use it. I guess that is the only downside of the device because aside from that it is quite a remarkable device. The device comes with a powerful external antenna and data SIM built in. Additionally, the prices of bundles on the MTN Turbonet services are different from the normal MTN service, and to some extent, the Turbonet bundle prices are quite cheaper than the normal bundle prices.


How to Change MTN Turbonet Password

To change your MTN Turbonet password, you must first know the type of Turbonet device you are using. This is because the earlier version of the Turbonet device is different from the newer versions. The newer version is the ZTE device. To change your password on the ZTE device, do the following;

  • To log in using this if your router is ZTE or if it is Huawei, you must be connected to your turbonet.
  • When the window appears, you must enter the default password. The default password is ‘Admin,’ so enter it in the provided input field and click ‘Submit.’
  • Choose Wifi Settings and make sure the 2.4 GHz interface is visible.
  • When the password needs to be changed, type a strong password into the text box that appears.
  • Click Apply to make the changes permanent.


To change your password while using the earlier version device, do the following;

  • Begin by opening your preferred browser and entering the standard IP address
  • You will now be taken to the login screen, where you can enter the standard administrator and administrator passwords. admin
  • You can change your password to make it easier to remember.
  • Change the default SSID and password for MTN ShareLink Wifi.

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