Ministry Of Health’s Website Can’t Be Accessed Due To Using A Stolen WordPress Theme

Exactly 1:00pm today, information sighted confirmed that the Ministry Of Health’s Website Can’t Be Accessed Due To Using A Stolen WordPress Theme.

Though there can be times someone may develop a website without using a WordPress theme — but rather coding or developing it from scratch but WordPress themes are there to save the sleepless nights of coding a web interface to please its users with simple and easy navigation features.

Many WordPress developers are much concerned about the security of the WordPress Themes they develop online, and such is why there are always measures taking in place to prevent hackers attacking any website running on their themes.

From Sahifa, Newspaper, Soledad, MagOne, Genesis Framework, JNews and others are all themes we can rely on — if we intend to build a simple to navigate but professional websites for clients today.

Jannah is one of the themes a lot of developers are familiar and love its design today. This is the same WordPress theme being used by the Ministry of Health in Ghana, under the Government of Ghana.

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Today, it has been reported that the official website of Ghana’s Ministry of Health is accused of stealing a WordPress Theme, that is the Jannah WordPress theme by the developers.

You can officially check the same case of the Ministry of Health here for proper clarification.

Upon my visit to check the Ghana’s Ministry of Health website, the website is showing information that the webpage is using an illegal version of popular Jannah Theme poped up.

To my outermost surprised, Jannah WordPress theme only cost $45 on ThemeForest and that is approximately GHS 270 in Ghana.

I know readers will be surprise but it will be better if website designers in Ghana and organization would learn the act of buying premium WordPress themes and Blogger Templates legally for their website design works to prevent such issues.

Somewhere last year, 2019, Ghana Web was hacked as official entertainment and news website in Ghana — and Ghanaians were surprised how this could happened.

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Also: Who Is Responsible For The Hacking Of GhanaWeb?

It was not due to using illegal theme that caused the hacking of Ghana Web successfully though, but using an illegal theme can also be another factor your WordPress website could easily be hacked.

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