Ghana Web Website Is Being Hacked

By | July 18, 2019

Ghana Web Website Is Being Hacked. The popular news and entertainment publishing site, as a web platform for everything about the nation Ghana, is found being hacked by someone unknown and yet to confirm hackers.

Ghana Web is known to be a vertical web portal that publishes everything related to the country Ghana. Despite  news that are from Ghana, Ghana Web also do offer background information, opinions, the facility to listen to over 200 Ghanaian radio-stations, classifieds, a social network for Ghanaians and many more.

At today, being the 18th of July, 2019 exactly 6:00pm was when I accessed the website to read a brief entertainment news and all to know, the website is hacked but not yet down since that hacker;

  • Placed an image showing something of his or her own interest
  • Displayed funny things that led to the facts that a politician is behind the site (Ghana Web) being hacked.
  • Instagram: @legion_ghana
  • #stop_corruption
  • #NDC-2020
  • #VOTE-NDC-2020

With all the above, there was a strong warning being placed on Ghana Web’s homepage indicated by the hacker in a red writing that what was being placed on the front page of the site shouldn’t be removed until August  3rd else all the servers owned by Ghana Web will be deleted.

This is how the message looks like:


Ghana Web Website Is Being Hacked

This was the kind of order given by the hacker to the staffs or engineers behind Ghana Web’s official website as not to touch anything until the 3rd of August.

But after all these things being shown and displayed on the website by the hacker according to his or her own interest as why he or she hacked Ghana Web, the hacker then changed all these and later around 10:00pm, made the site to go down totally and shown the below on the site’s homepage making it to look as if its a website having hosting or server issue.

Rumors claimed the hacker has been using politicians and the political parties especially the 2 major political parties as his detail and nobody even know the brain behind this identity.

To this, the hacker after making a successful hacking on then left a campaign message behind for the NDC party and later on changed it to NPP party.

When ever a user tried to access Ghana Web, the only message you get is to only see ‘temporarily out of service’ of which truly proved that indeed, Ghana Web has been hacked and Ghana Web is totally down as at now being 10:20pm.

Ghana Web Website Is Being Hacked

Maybe you may not believe or not understand only to confirm that Ghana web is hacked and Ghana web is down is to access the official Ghana Web homepage to confirm this.

In summary, Ghana Web is hacked and here’s all that you need to know about it. We also urge you to help share this post.

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