Meet Kukua: Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Banking Assistant

By | October 8, 2020

Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited introduces Kukua, its WhatsApp Banking Assistant to help all Fidelity Bank’s customers virtually.

The 24-hour WhatsApp Banking Assistant, fully conversant with the bank’s suite of offering to answer questions through cutting edge technology, forms part Fidelity Bank’s Together We’re More brand promise that views success as a collaborative effort between itself, clients and the general public.

Giving further details about Kukua, Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Assistant, Nana Esi Idun-Arkhust, Divisional Director, Retail Banking of Fidelity Bank Ghana stated that:

“We are excited to offer accessible round the clock banking services on WhatsApp, a platform that the majority of Ghanaians and our customers frequently use. Our retail customers can now initiate a number checks, mini reviews, account balance checks and ATM and branch location; all in real time directly on WhatsApp with Kukua.”

“Kukua joins our innovative portfolio of digital products for Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited’s customers”

Nana Esi Idun-Arkhust assured that Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited will continue to leverage technology to establish simple and innovative solutions for clients to enjoy banking services in a seamless and secure manner.

In terms of cybersecurity strength for Kukua, Gladys Thompson, Fidelity Bank’s Director of Transaction and Electronic Banking, pointed out what Kukua has cutting edge security and all her interactions are secure with client’s data and privacy protected.

Services Offered By Kukua – Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited’s WhatsApp Assistant

Kukua joined the innovative portfolio of Fidelity Bank’s digital products such as:

  • Mobile App
  • Online Banking
  • Online Account Opening
  • USSD
  • Visa Cards
  • Others

Fidelity Bank Ghana with their introduction of Kukua – Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Assistant is a realization of its continued dedicated to make banking easier and convenient for all its clients’ segment through relevant and useful digital products and services.

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You are free to check out what Kukua has for you with her services in assisting you on behalf of Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited.

In summary, Kukua is Fidelity Bank’s WhatsApp Assistant to serve the bank’s customers virtually.

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