Best Banking Apps That Are Recommended For Every Ghanaian

By | October 23, 2020

Best Banking Apps That Are Recommended For Every Ghanaian. This is just a simple post on some of the banking apps that each and every Ghanaian needs to get and make use of any of them so far as money is concerned.

We are in the financial world in such that, each and every day, we use money for so many transactions, so many purposes and financial institutions like banks are there to help keep our monies safe and make secure place to take back our money in the near future when needed. In such, mobile banking apps are what I may recommend that you know which app to use that is related to your financial institution.

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Due to the rapid advancement in Financial Technology (FinTech), it has helped our banking system to make a great change in recent times and the idea of smartphone invention has also caused a great change with the introduction of mobile applications that has now helped some of our Ghanaian banks to satisfy the needs of their customers on 24/7 status. Keep reading on Best Banking Apps That Are Recommended For Every Ghanaian.

Taking a look back to how our banking industries operate previously, one have to walk all the way to the banking hall before a transaction either deposits, withdrawal into account can take place and thanks to the advancement of technology for eliminating all this burden.

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With the help of these mobile apps today, a customer to any bank in Ghana can transact business easily on his or her smartphone right in the comfort of their homes. The wish of every bank in Ghana to own an app to meet the satisfaction of their customers has finally been achieved through their mobile apps released for their customers.

UBA Mobile Banking App

The United Bank for Africa’s mobile banking app is one of the recommended mobile banking apps you can rely on for best mobile banking option. There’s no doubt about this as the UBA Mobile Banking App is the number one Banking App to choose and use. With an enhanced mobile banking experience to its customers, UBA has the best with the UBA Mobile Banking App and using this app, it helps to access all the Banking services that are offered by UBA.

Instant log-in in some few minutes is a feature you can enjoy with the UBA Mobile Banking App with the biometric option that is facial and fingerprint on smart devices that can support this feature, then send and receive money from the mobile banking app, check an account balance, check previous transactions, pay bills and do mobile top-ups are all you can enjoy on the UBA Mobile Banking App.

Download: UBA Mobile Banking App

Barclays Ghana Banking App

A mobile banking app that helps you do away with visiting the bank for any transaction since you can access your account then send or withdraw money any time. Barclays Mobile App has been known to be one of the banking apps that gives you the ability to carry your bank conveniently in your pocket when install this app.

Download: Barclays Ghana Banking Apps

Fidelity Mobile Banking App

Another interesting Bank you can rely on for their mobile banking app that helps you do away with any worry and there’s no hustle that you need to go through before you check your transaction details or account balance at a place not nearby to your bank. If you never know, the Fidelity Mobile Banking App allows you to have access to all your accounts while enabling you to make secure transactions and payments. This financial app is there to help manage your money with the convenient, on a safer and easier to use Mobile Banking App by Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd.

Download: Fidelity Mobile Banking App

UMB SpeedApp

With UMB SpeedApp, it’s an android app that is designed to help UMB account holders make transaction conveniently at their own space. The UMB SpeedApp when instal, helps you to: Check Transaction History, account balances, make payment for Bills, Fund Transfer Services, Investment Services, Card Services, Forex Rates, Airtime top-up for Self & others are all the benefits you will enjoy for installing the UMB SpeedApp on your smartphone.

Download: UMB SpeedApp

ADB Mobile Banking 2.0

Another wonderful app we cannot forget to talk about is the ADB Mobile Banking App 2.0 that is brought by Agricultural Development Bank to access all the services that are provided.

Just like the Fidelity Mobile Banking App, the ADB Mobile Banking App 2.0 also has similar features such as: Checking Transaction History, account balances, view loans details and deposit balances, Fund Transfer Services, Card Services, Forex Rates, Airtime top-up.


Slydepay is not any kind of institution that is affiliated to any bank but has the all in one integration of most of the banking service in Ghana. The app has come come to help make the life of average Ghanaians so simple and easy when making transaction. This app has made a lot of people that does not have interest in using bank are now having some passion and interest to use the app to make transactions that a user at any bank could do so easy.

The Slydepay mobile banking app helps make payment for bills, buy Airtime from any network provider, do mobile money transfer across various networks, transfer money from the app, link and verify your debit/credit card in your Slyde account and check all activities taking place in your account at one place.

Download: SlydePay Mobile App

All Ghana Banks App

This app provide easy and direct access to the websites of All Banks in Ghana.

This application is an informative app that helps you to access internet banking of all Ghanaian banks in one app. You just have to select your bank and its redirects you to the bank website which loads in the app. It is a 100% safe.

This app will link you to the websites of the following Ghanaian banks:

  • Access Bank (Ghana) Limited
  • ADB Bank Limited
  • Bank of Africa Ghana Ltd
  • Bank of Baroda (Ghana) Limited
  • BSIC (Ghana) Limited
  • Absa (Barclays) Bank Ltd
  • CAL Bank Limited
  • Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited
  • Ecobank Ghana Limited
  • Energy Commercial Bank Ltd
  • FBNBank (Ghana) Ltd
  • Fidelity Bank Limited
  • First Atlantic Bank Ltd
  • First National Bank (Ghana) Ltd
  • GCB Bank Limited
  • GN Bank Limited
  • Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited
  • Republic Bank (Ghana) Ltd
  • National Investment Bank Ltd
  • Prudential Bank Limited
  • Societe General (Ghana) Limited
  • Stanbic Bank Ghana Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Ghana) Limited
  • United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Ltd.
  • Universal Merchant Bank Ltd
  • Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited
  • Heritage Bank Limited
  • GHL Bank Limited

Disclaimer: “All contents of the websites in this app are owned by the respective banks. We have no copyright over the content of the banking websites. For any inquiry please contact them.
These third party banking sites have their separate and independent privacy policies and terms. Please Read their privacy policy, terms and conditions carefully.”

Download: All Ghana Banks Mobile Apps

Wrapping Up!

Each and every day, financial institutions such as Banks as new features to these apps and it might be different as the time you may download it and you can also share your ideas or concern with us using the comment box below.

Maybe I mentioned banking apps today, but in the near future in one of our blog post, I shall mention more apps you need to download and make use of in the financial world. Best Banking Apps That Are Recommended For Every Ghanaian.

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