10 Coolest Ghana Music To Play Online

By | October 7, 2020

10 Coolest Ghana Music To Play Online.

Ghana Music Industry has had numerous talented artists that are always releasing top hit songs over years and years.

From emerged artists and now to A listed artists, pushing Ghana beyond with their amazing talents in music.

The introduction of hiplife and several others that have come eventually have changed the music industry of Ghana, with full of entertainment from great producing albums.

These hiplife then changed from old-fashion to Azonto kind of music that brought the attention of Ghanaians to Ghana Music industry.

From there, some popular musicians like Sarkodie, EL, Guru, Fuse O.D.G, Eduwoji J, Gasmilla, Keche, and others shaped Azonto in Ghana and made the term a hit one you can never skip.

With this article, I will like to state some of the cool Ghanaian songs you can listen online that are Azonto related songs.

Sarkodie ft. EL – U Go Kill Me

The U Go Kill Me (Feat. E.L) song became a hit song that could be heard in every gathering in Ghana, and really promoted the Azonto dance.

Buk Bak – Kolom

This song, the nicest part is when they say “Kolom”. A song made by Buk Bak, pairing Prince Bright a.k.a Sparkless and Ronnie Coches.

Fuse O.D.G Ft. Tiffany – Azonto

Despite Ghana, Azonto is also spreading in the United Kingdom just after the video was released. When you check various streaming channels and YouTube, Azonto dance is one of the most watched throughout the world.

Eduwoji J – Yenko Nkoaa

There’s no way you will mention songs in the days of Azonto without mentioning Yenko Nkoaa by Eduwoji. The song has been one of the amazing Azonto songs promoting African culture and music.

Donae’o ft. Sarkodie – Move To The Gyal Dem

The party hit song really promoted Azonto moments and got a lot of fans around the globe.

E.L – Obuu Mo

The E.L’s Obuu Mo Azonto version song was one of the top Azonto songs in Ghana trending all over. E.L released the song in 2012 and became a regular face of the hip-hop and R&B circuits. From Ghana Music Awards, E.L won Artiste of the Year and Hip-life/Hip-Hop Artiste of the Year for the 2015/2016 VGMA.

Gasmilla – Aboodatoi

Gasmilla dropped this song and it made him king of Azonto with the best dances featured in the music video.


Keche – Sokode

The Aluguintugui hit makers after dropping the Sokode song, became famous in the Azonto scene of Ghana and has been seen in every corner in Ghana.


Guru – Lapaz Toyota

In 2010/2011, the Lapaz Toyota song become the hit song that matched with the Azonto dance ever in Ghana from Guru.


Sarkodie ft. E.L – Dangerous

Sarkodie and E.L made joint to push Azonto in Ghana and dropped the banger on Dangerous song which became popular ever in Ghana with the Azonto dance.

These are all the 10 coolest Ghana Music to play online and you are free to share if found useful.

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