A New Facebook Look Alike Design Surfaces Online

By | February 1, 2020

A New Facebook Look Alike Design Surfaces Online.

In the middle of all the heat — when everything was going on, I purchased my data bundle and connected my smartphone device to the internet, then turned on my Hotspot and switched on the Wi-Fi network of my laptop to surf the popular social media platform, Facebook and I found a guy who designed a social media interface similar to Facebook.

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We all have our chosen regarding to things we want to do and I was happy to see how this guy named Omar on Facebook made an interface similar to Facebook Inc’s social media platform — Facebook.

A New Facebook Look Alike Design Surfaces Online

With just the knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and JS, this guy was able to code a simple but nice-catchy User Interface with his programming skills similar to Facebook.

With the simple designed interface using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript, Omar made the social app dashboard a user friendly as far as social media is concerned having all the interesting features a user may require on social media platform.

To Omar on Facebook, he just tried his hands on coding something like Facebook interface.

Just trying to design something like Facebook ? Using Html – Css – Bootstrap

Check below from the video:

In regards to the user friendly interface designed by Omar, he also provided the source code for interesting programmers to review and check out his performance in coding.

In summary, A New Facebook Look Alike Design Surfaces Online and this Facebook look alike user interface is designed by programmer named Omar on Facebook to test out his coding skills.

Technology has advanced to become part of human and we’re happy for Omar for using his best skills in programming to create a simple but catchy user friendly social media interface that looks just like Facebook.

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