Exploits Gold Consult – A platform Dedicated To Educate You About Gold In Ghana

By | February 1, 2020

Exploits Gold Consult – A platform Dedicated to educate you about Gold in Ghana.

The platform is launched – that is dedicated to giving you an insightful of how the gold business works in Ghana as well as some parts of Africa that deals in Gold.

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Just imagine at a point in time, everything that is done offline is moved online and some of the services that you want cannot be found online. That’s where ExploitsGoldConsult’s websites comes in as an online portal for your entire Gold and investment consultancy firm.

About Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd
Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd is a consulting and mining company specialized in wide range of services for stakeholders in the mining industry. These services include; financial institutions, private investors and government agencies. At Exploits Gold & Consult Ltd, there’s a solid history of dedication, knowledge and high quality of services which culminate into the satisfaction of their clients.

To the journey of thousand miles beginning at step; Exploit Gold and Consult Limited was created in 2015 and fully incorporated in 2016 as a company to start full consultancy and mining operations to clients both in and outside Ghana.

With Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd – there are wide range of areas you can rely on from them with their team made up of dedicated result-driven individuals. With this, there are over twenty-eight (15) clients served so far including five (5) projects accomplished for now.

Some of the areas to note about Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd are;

With a competence in the mining industry in Ghana, Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd is the best and guaranteed gold and consultancy place you can go for your project to get done.

Feasibility Studies: Having the right expertise to produce – there are Feasibility studies for small scale and large scale mining feasibility studies for the purchase of concessions, excavators and machinery. You sometimes just don’t need only proposal but an independent analysis of your project to help you located the targeted people or businessmen to source your business with funds you need for your future growth and productivity.

Valuations: Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd has a very comprehensive valuations take into consideration business assets, historical earnings, market, mining and production methods, maintenance and reliability of the operations, evaluation of plant personnel management, financials, future projections, risk management in gold trading and gold mining, etc. With fair and objective valuation, that is valid for the specific purposes of their clients.

Due Diligence: At Exploits Gold and Consult Ltd, this gold consulting firm do conducts due diligence for all clients before the start of their operations; covering some geologic resources, mine-ability, equipment selection, productivity, environmental, safety and security.

The Team:

  • Albert Allotey – CEO/Consultant
  • Kofi Mensah – CTO
  • Apelete Amentor – Marketing Officer

With Exploits Gold and Consults, not just Gold and consultancy service as this firm also gives more idea of mining sites for average business clients that do not have the idea of how to go about in selecting proper mining sites in Ghana. With the official website launched for the company – ExploitsGoldConsult.com, a user can surf the website portal and read more about the company to see their business terms and conditions and why this Gold and consulting firm is the right place to go for any kind of Gold business ideas.

With the website for the firm – ExploitsGoldConsult.com, a user can hover and check for the latest Gold price online with the power of internet and compare Gold prices as well. There’s another page, having all the projects audio-visual insightful of some of the projects done by the company on mining sites so far. Check it out by clicking on the link to visit the site.

Despite the about section, projects and contact us pages found on the website, there’s also an official blog page that has more information in article format about Gold business and how it works, major forms of mining in Ghana, Why the silence on the fallen Gold price in Ghana, High Gold price fever, Gold Industry in Ghana, Gold Trading in Ghana and more you can read of and such is why you can visit their links to find out more about them.

With Exploits Gold And Consult Ltd – Your Gold Investment Is Our Concern!

Just visit their website, hover to the about pages, then contact them for more as well as there’s a place to check and calculate Gold price in Ghana.

Website: ExploitsGoldConsult
Blog: Exploits Gold Consult Blog

Are you looking for a best place to buy Gold from Ghana that is cheap but quality in quantity, then head to Exploits Gold & Consult Ltd for more information.

Thanks for reading on Exploits Gold Consult – A platform Dedicated to educate you about Gold in Ghana and we urge you to help share this post across the various social media platforms and also drop your comment below this as you navigate through the webpages of Exploits Gold & Consult Ltd.

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