Apply For Google’s Hash Code 2020

By | February 11, 2020

Apply For Google’s Hash Code 2020.

Apply Now: The Registration for the Hash Code 2020 is open as you can apply with the power of the internet.

Think you could optimize the layout of a Google Data Center? How about scheduling a fleet of drones to make deliveries around the world? Tackle an engineering problem from Google during Hash Code, our team programming competition. Are you up for the challenge?

The Hash Code — Whats Involved?
Hash Code is a team programming competition, organized by Google, for students and professionals around the world. You pick your team and programming language and we pick an engineering problem for you to solve. This year’s contest kicks off with an Online Qualification Round, where your team can compete from wherever you’d like, including from one of our Hash Code hubs. Top teams will then be invited to a Google office for the Final Round.

What Is Hash Code?
Google’s team-based programming competition, Hash Code, allows you to share your skills and connect with other coders as you work together to solve a problem modeled off a real Google engineering challenge! In small teams of two to four, coders all over the world will tackle the first problem through an Online Qualification Round. Though this round is hosted online, teams can come together to compete side-by-side in locally coordinated Hash Code hubs. The top teams from this round are invited to join us at an international Google office for our annual Hash Code Final Round.

How it works
Once you’ve registered for the contest, you’ll gain access to our Judge System. The Judge System is our online platform where you’ll form your team, join a hub, practice, and compete during the rounds. During the Online Qualification Round, you’ll watch our YouTube livestream to be introduced to the problem, and your team will have four hours to solve an optimization problem using the programming language and tools of your choice. Teams can compete from a local hub or another location of their choice. The top teams from the Online Qualification Round will be invited to the Final Round at a Google office, where they’ll work together to solve another challenge and compete for cash prizes.

The Hash Code – A Place To Look For Practice
It all goes by the term, Practice makes perfect. And with the Hash Code 2020, you get the chance to try your hand at past Hash Code problems to prepare for the next round.

The Hash Code – The Place To Look For more challenges
With advancement in technology, the Hash Code has become one of the three competitions that Google holds for participants of all skill levels. A chance to find your challenge.

Click Here To Apply  For Google’s Hash Code 2020.

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