Huawei Overtakes Samsung As The World’s Largest Smartphone Maker In April 2020

By | June 19, 2020

According to latest data by Counterpoint research said that for the first time ever, Huawei has surpassed Samsung as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

Huawei Overtakes Samsung As The World’s Largest Smartphone Maker In April 2020.

For many years, Samsung has taken the crown of the top smartphone manufacturer in the world. Samsung still sells millions of smartphones every year but it has been facing stiff competition from a number of manufacturers out of China. These include Huawei, OPPO (Realme), Xiaomi (Redmi), Vivo and others. These manufacturers tend to offer slightly affordable devices compared to what Samsung offers.

Huawei has been keen on being the top smartphone manufacturer at some point. The company announced this back in 2016 and looking at what it has been doing since then, it is clear that they were going for the top spot no matter what.

When Huawei announced its plans in 2016, Apple and Samsung were ahead and those were the two companies it was focused on beating. Huawei did overtake Apple back in 2018 and said that it had plans to overtake Samsung by 2020.

According to Counterpoint Research, Huawei saw its smartphone market share reach 21.4% in April. By now you probably know about the current pandemic which we are in and this might have been beneficial to Huawei. Most international markets have seen low demand for almost all products including smartphones. Huawei at the same time has seen very positive numbers in its home country of China as most other markets where Samsung has a presence have seen very low numbers.

Strict lockdowns have meant that Samsung was not able to sell as much as it anticipated and in April it accounted for 19.1% market share. This is quite a drop from March when its market share stood at 29%.

According to Counterpoint Research, Samsung saw weak demand for the Galaxy S20 series compared to its predecessor. This was expected as I have pointed above, the pandemic is forcing people to spend less on smartphones for a number of reasons.

In summary, Huawei Overtakes Samsung As The World’s Largest Smartphone Maker in 2020 with the latest updates coming soon on ICT Catalogue.

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