How To Register MTN Sim Card Yourself In Nigeria

MTN Nigeria has made things easier for new subscribers to register their Sim cards without any stress howsoever.

You are the right place if you have been searching for how to register your newly purchased sim and do not seem to find any way.

How To Register MTN Sim Card Yourself In Nigeria

You are to note that MTN does not allow any subscriber to register their Sim card by themselves and this simply implies that you must register your MTN SIM card manually, regardless of how busy you may seem to be. This emphasizes even more strongly that you can’t assign this duty to someone else!

Your personal data will be synchronized with the MTN SIM card you have purchased, therefore you must complete the process at the approved registration centers of MTN. MTN is aware of the difficult circumstances that Nigerian face with the registration so they have made the process very easy and simple.

Literally walk into any MTN-approved location to buy a SIM card, register it for free, and  start using it. .

How To Check Your MTN Sim Registration Details In Nigeria

Follow the processes listed below to check your MTN sim registration details.

  • Dial *789*1#, or text “REG” to 789.
  • If the system goes through your details and realizes your registration details are in order, you will receive a message that reads as: “Dear subscriber, thank you for checking your status. Your account information doesn’t need to be updated at this time.”
  •  If your SIM registration details are not in order, you will be asked to change them.

How To You Know if My MTN Sim Card is activated?

You need to try calling the number the new number with another phone or possibly checking the airtime on the Sim.

For any clarification, you can contact MTN Nigeria via their customer care line on 180.

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