How To Check Your MTN Sim Registration Details In Nigeria

By | August 27, 2022

It is always a good feeling to know your details have been captured rightly by your network provider such as MTN.

Have you ever thought about how it will feel like when you realize your details were captured wrongly whiles you were registering your MTN sim?

In this guide, the proper way to check your MTN Sim registration details in Nigeria will be analysed.

Why Should You Check Your MTN Sim Registration Details In Nigeria

It is important to know the details about your MTN sim card due to the following reasons.

  • in order to verify what details have been registered on the system
  • To be able to double-check if every detail you find are correct.

How To Check Your MTN Sim Registration Details In Nigeria

Follow the processes listed below to check your MTN sim registration details.

  • Dial *789*1#, or text “REG” to 789.
  • If the system goes through your details and realizes your registration details are in order, you will receive a message that reads as: “Dear subscriber, thank you for checking your status. Your account information doesn’t need to be updated at this time.”
  •  If your SIM registration details are not in order, you will be asked to change them.

How To Update Your SIM Registration Details

In case you check the status of your SIM card registration and observe that your sim has not been registered or the details are incomplete, follow the following steps to have it changed for you.

  • Go to a nearby licensed sim registration center
  • Explain to the customer care agent that you have noticed some mistakes in your sim registration and will like it to be rectified.
  • The customer care agent will ask for some details from you such as your full name, date of birth, address, mother’s maiden name, passport, and identification documents.
  • Allow the agent to get a live 4X4 photo of you and your fingerprints.
  • The agent will now update your SIM registration details.

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