How To Register For GCB G-Money Wallet

By | March 26, 2021

This is some interesting post for the Ghana Commercial Bank Mobile Money service, How To Register For GCB G-Money Wallet.

Not long ago was when the Ghana Commercial Bank announced the G-Money mobile money service to the general public and how it works.

With this, many Ghanaians have been asking what the G-Money is all about and how they can make use of it on their mobile phones.

The G-Money is a mobile money platform used for transferring funds from one account to another, for making payment of goods and services via mobile phones.

Just like MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash and other mobile money services, G-Money also allows customers to save and borrow money using their wallets.

Features of GCB G-Money Service

  • Buy Airtime
  • Send and receive money
  • Pay for Bills
  • Cash-Out at agent
  • Pay for standing orders
  • Pay Merchant
  • Bank Services
  • Generate Voucher
  • Group Services

These alone tell you how the GCB G-Money will be helpful and needful by every Ghanaian.

Now let’s take a look at how you can register for the G-Money wallet.

How To Register For G-Money Wallet

  • Dial *422#
  • Select 2. G-Money
  • Select 6. Bank Services
  • Select 1. Link Bank Accounts
  • Select 1. GCB Bank Ltd
  • Enter Name
  • Enter Account No
  • Select 1. To Confirm
  • Enter G-Money Pin
  • SMS will be sent  to you with linkage status

Benefits of using GCB G-Money Service

There are numerous benefits of using the Ghana Commercial Bank’s G-Money though — but we have some for you that will be useful everyday.

Registration for G-Money is free using a Ghanaian mobile money service at any GCB Bank branch or G-Money agent.

All network subscribers in Ghana under the National Communication Authority can register for G-Money.

The G-Money wallet earns you some interest for transactions.

You enjoy ZERO charges when you send cash from G-Money to all other G-Money users for up to GHS100 daily.

Pay a flat rate of GHC 10 for sending GHC 1000 and above to any telco Mobile Money using G-Money.

You can send money from your GCB Bank account to any mobile money network in Ghana. It’s that easy.

For any helps or assistance on using the GCB G-Money, don’t hesitate to reach the help line on; 0800422422 for further inquiries.

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